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[sticky post] It Is Done

I've finally made the switch to Dreamwidth official. Created my account there some time ago and let my userpics package here expire, but it took me a while to actually jump on this. But won't be paying LJ another dime when my account subscription is over, and it's just time to go. There are many reasons for this that I will not go into here. You all know as much as I do about Russians and bigotry and the like. And if you don't, look it up and make your own decisions. But as for me... Suffice to say, it is time.

You can find me here: https://jackwabbit.dreamwidth.org/

I'm also @wabbit89 on Twitter,and that's where I'm most active for the most part.

My fanfiction is here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1208481/jackwabbit

Finally, one day I may actually flesh out/actually use my Wordpress site, but much like me ever using AO3 (I know, I know, but the time involved to put all my stories up again...ugh), I wouldn't hold my breath for that. ;)

If you have my email or my phone number, those haven't changed. And any messages sent through the LJ messaging feature will still get to me. I'll respond to those.

As for my journal itself, my Twitter feed is still backed up here, and I've set up my DW to crosspost here for archiving reasons and in case I come back one day, but comments will all be through DW, and that is where I will be doing my original posting.

I'm not likely to continue to check my friends list here. I'm sorry for the few of you who are still here, but if nothing else, I do not like the fact that LJ is no longer an encrypted site, so I do not feel safe here (as much as anyone can be online). Adding the politics and the policies, and well... again, it is time. There's a chance I may pare down my flist and continue to check in on a few of you, as I don't want to lose you to the land of wind and ghosts, but it's not likely to be a frequent occurrance.

Farewell, Livejournal. I did love you so.



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