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New Fic: With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These

Fandom: Star Wars
Rated: PG
Category: Gen. Minor Characters.
Time Frame: Rogue One.
Spoilers: ROGUE ONE. Minor, but present. A New Hope, too. This one is for the Star Wars geeks.
Summary: There are things you never live down, and “friends” who won’t let you, even if you try.
Word Count: 633

--- Repeat: Rogue One Spoilers ---

Alright! Fine! Relax!” muttered Cornelius.

“I’ll relax when we’re off this rock,” answered Ponda, not caring that his partner was irritated.

Cornelius glared at Ponda.

“I still don’t see why we can’t stay the day like we planned. I had engagements.”

Ponda sighed. “We don’t have time for your ‘engagements,’ Doctor,” he said, dripping sarcasm on the last two words. “We’re leaving. Now.”
“When did you get put in charge around here?”

“When I rescued your sorry ass from that bounty hunter, that’s when.”

“Oh, not this again.”

“Yes. This again. You owe me. We’re leaving. There’s too many stormtroopers here. We already dropped the cargo. There’s no reason to stick around.”

“I ain’t scared of stormtroopers.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, our business isn’t exactly legal.”

“They’re too busy with insurgents to care about a couple of spice runners.”

“Says you,” groused Ponda. “Me, I’m not taking any chances. I’m leaving. If you want to stay, you’re on your own.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Cornelius. “Whatever. Let’s pack it up and leave like the big, bad Ponda wants.”

Ponda sighed. This partnership was getting worse all the time. He wanted to let loose on Cornelius. To beat him to a bloody pulp or least smack him around a bit or actually say the insults that came to mind.

Instead, he just blinked and gestured to the landing area.

“Just get in the ship,” he said.

Cornelius trudged up the ramp. He stomped his feet like a child the whole way, but he went.

Ponda followed him, grateful to be leaving despite his partner’s petulance.

Something about this place didn’t sit right with him. The blasterfire in the streets earlier was nothing new to him, but his job here was done. He didn’t see the point in sticking around to find out what the fighting was about or when a stray blast was going to hit him.

So he primed the ship as quickly as possible and took off right afterward.

He and Cornelius hit orbit just as the biggest space station he’d ever seen came into view on the horizon, and Ponda definitely didn’t plan on finding out what that was about.

As soon as the hyperspace calculations were done, he jumped.


It wasn’t until a week later that Cornelius heard about Jedha. He was watching a news feed in the ship’s cockpit while Ponda secured some cargo.

A mining accident, they said.

Cornelius didn’t believe that for a minute. He might be nuts, but he wasn’t naïve. No way an accident caused the destruction he saw on the cams, and there was that space station…

As he was wondering if the station could possibly have destroyed the moon so completely, Ponda emerged from the hold to join Cornelius.

Cornelius tried to turn off the screen before Ponda saw it, but he was too slow.

Ponda didn’t say anything about the news, but he did grin ever so slightly, or as much as an Aqualish can manage. Then he took his seat and started fiddling with the controls.

Cornelius sighed.

Ponda still remained silent, but Cornelius knew it was only a matter of time before Ponda wouldn’t be able to hold his tongue.

He’d wait until the worst possible minute, of course, then remind Cornelius how they’d both be dead if he hadn’t insisted on leaving Jedha when they did. And he’d do it again and again and again. His track record with the bounty hunter incident proved that.

Cornelius wasn’t looking forward to that at all.

Then again, he supposed Ponda would have a point in those future discussions. They apparently had gotten off Jedha just in time.

And as much as Cornelius hated listening when Ponda was self-righteously pointing out his own greatness, it was better than being dead.



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