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New Fic: Inevitable


Fandom: Star Wars
Rated: PG
Category: Double Drabble. Gen. Humor. Family.
Time Frame: Set during Return of the Jedi.
Spoilers: General Star Wars Knowledge Only, and Barely So. Extrapolation of Ewok society.
Summary: Families are families, even on the forest moon of Endor. And every family has a black sheep.
Note: Written for the random prompt of “council.”


They’ve called an emergency meeting of the council.

Normally, I’d beg off a meeting like this, since I’m only an associate member of the council, but with so many elders out with the hunting parties, I can’t miss this one.

I put down my pipe and sigh. I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon. But better head out, I guess.

I pass the clearing on my way to the meeting chamber and look down.

My son is supposed to be there today, with the other teens, working on spears for the upcoming hunts.

I don’t see him.

Suddenly, I’m filled with dread as I remember why they called this meeting.

Something about a stranger in the village.

Someone some kid found in the woods.

My pace slows as my brain puts it together.

But I keep going, and I’m outside the chamber in moments.

I think hear a familiar voice and I sigh.

Not again.

But I can’t quite hear the voice well enough to identify it, and I hope that I’m wrong.

Then I’m in the meeting house and I see the speaker and I know I’m not.



As if there was any doubt.

Dammit, Wicket.
Tags: fanfic, solstice stories, star wars
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