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New Fic: Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise
Rated: G
Category: Vignette. Gen. Malcolm and Trip, being Malcolm and Trip.
Season: Early.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Malcolm Reed and Charles Tucker spoke the same language. Or did they?
Word Count: 387
Note: Written for the random word prompt of “biscuit.”


Malcolm bit into the flaky thing gamely.

And as he chewed, he had to confess that it wasn’t bad, despite his initial misgivings.

It was warm and buttery and entirely delicious, actually, even if it wasn’t what he was expecting at all.

Of course, he hadn’t expected to be sitting down for a snack with Commander Tucker, either.

The very idea of turning a weekly status report session into a social event didn’t sit well with him, but the captain had made it clear that he was to “loosen up,” so he’d offered to meet with the commander in his quarters instead of in the briefing room like usual.

Commander Tucker had agreed instantly and insisted on bringing something to the meeting, so Malcolm had said he’d make tea if Trip brought the biscuits.

And now here they were, Trip looking at Malcolm expectantly.

“Well?” asked the commander. “What do you think?”

Malcolm nodded. “It’s good!” he said truthfully.

Trip beamed. “Just like my mother used to make. Made ‘em myself. Got the flour and buttermilk direct from Chef.”

Malcolm was incredulous.

“You made these by hand?”

“Yes, sir,” said Trip. “No replicator can match homemade!”

“I’ll say,” agreed Malcolm, taking another bite and then sipping his tea.

“Now, about those status reports,” started Trip.

Malcolm swallowed and grabbed a PADD. “Right.”

Half an hour later, supplies were tallied, personnel rosters were updated, and the reports were filed.

But Malcolm and Trip lingered.

Malcolm made another pot of tea and ate two more biscuits before the two parted ways.

He never told Trip that “biscuits” were very different where he came from.

But he did mention to Hoshi that she might want to take a look at the universal translator matrix for old earth dialects still in use. Because even though America and Britain no longer existed – even though they had been sister countries with the same language back in the day – their dialects were very different, and obviously still in use.

He also continued to have informal meetings with the chief engineer for years. The locations varied, but the food never did. It was an unconventional menu based on a miscommunication, but neither man cared.

In fact, they were both grateful.

Because Malcolm made damn good tea, and Trip’s buttermilk biscuits really were to die for.
Tags: fanfic, solstice stories, star trek enterprise
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