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New Fic: Classic


Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Rated: G
Category: Triple Drabble. Friendship/Gen, but slight Philinda implied.
Season: Four.
Spoilers: AoS – Laws of Inferno Dynamics (very minor).
Summary: You can’t go wrong with the classics, be they the May, Coulson, or literary varieties.
Disclaimer: All things Marvel belong to the Man (and the Mouse). Excelsior!
Note: This one is for kdsorceress and werewulf, in honor of our little excursion over Thanksgiving.


She couldn’t believe her luck when she found it.

But there it was, wedged  between Melville and London, in the bookstore’s completely baffling organization system – or lack thereof.

She bought it in a heartbeat, despite its cost, because it was in good shape, and because frankly there was just no way she was going to pass it up.


He found the package on his desk on his birthday, a not-well-known date.

There was no card, but he didn’t need one to know who it was from, especially not once he opened it.

He caressed the book and smiled as he  placed it in his desk drawer.

He read its familiar pages again that night, then put this particular copy up on a shelf for safekeeping.

After all, he had a worn paperback that served for reading, and he wasn’t willing to risk spilling a drink on a first edition of a classic.

Still, he’d get it down on his more introspective nights and thumb through the pages, usually wondering “what if?” while doing so.

But in the end, he’d always put it back on the shelf with a bittersweet smile, then turn in for the night.

He never thanked the giver outright. They simply didn’t do things like that.

But their line of work sometimes blessed them in unexpected ways, and when the question of what Aida might dream of came up, Phil Coulson had only one possible response.

“Electric sheep?” popped out of his mouth before he knew it.

The little grin Melinda May gave in return was all the acknowledgement he needed.

That night was another one for getting things off the shelf, and though it ended the same as all the others, Coulson had to admit that it was getting harder and harder to put them back.


A/N: the book is Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the basis for the movie Blade Runner. Coulson’s reference to it last week cracked me up, and here we are.


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