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New Fic: Holiday Reprieve

Holiday Reprieve
Fandom: Fringe/Limitless
Rated: PG
Category: Vignette. Gen. Humor.
Season: Any.
Spoilers: General Series Knowledge.
Summary: Olivia was usually very by the book, even now. But what the hell, it was Christmas.
Disclaimer: It doesn’t take a genius to know I don’t own Fringe or Limitless.
Word Count: 376


Peter sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Really?” he asked.

“Really,” answered Olivia.



“On Christmas Eve?”

“Yep. And get this. This time? He brought a friend.”

Peter sighed again as he and Olivia took in the cloud of smoke filling the lab. They were about to go in and throw Walter out when another woman barreled past them and yelled into the room.

“Brian Finch! You get out here right this minute!”

A red-haired man with a goofy grin on his face emerged a moment later.

“Rebecca,” he greeted. “Fancy meeting you here.” His grin grew impossibly wider and the woman now identified as Rebecca rolled her eyes.

Olivia nearly grinned at that. It wasn’t exactly an unfamiliar expression in the lab.

But instead, she introduced herself.

“Olivia Dunham, FBI” she said, sticking out a hand to the other woman.

Rebecca took the offered hand and shook it firmly. “Rebecca Harris, same,” she said.

“What are you doing at Harvard?” asked Olivia, suddenly much more interested in what was going on.

Rebecca hooked a thumb at the red-haired man. “Tracking down this genius,” she said, clearly exasperated and sarcastic.

Said “genius” merely grinned, and Olivia sighed again.

“Well, mission accomplished. Now, I must insist that you leave now. This area is classified on a need-to-know basis and you know how it is. Plus, I guess we have to take care of these two.”

Olivia nodded toward the redhead, who she presumed was Brian, and Walter, who was piddling around in the lab just out of earshot.

Rebecca started to nod and leave, but Peter finally added his two bits to the conversation.

“Lighten up, Olivia. It’s Christmas. She’s FBI. And it’s not like he hasn’t done much worse.”

Olivia considered that for a moment, then seemed to concede the point. She looked over at Rebecca.

The other woman shrugged, making it all Olivia’s choice.

After a moment, she shrugged back.

“Oh, what the hell,” she said.

And so it was that Rebecca, Peter, and Olivia spent their holiday in a basement lab watching old reruns of Star Trek while Walter Bishop and Brian Finch introduced each other to their very own special holiday blends, and no, they certainly weren’t working with coffee.


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