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New Fic: Cherished

Fandom: Star Wars
Rated: G
Category: Gen.
Time Frame: Pre-ANH.
Spoilers: General Star Wars Knowledge Only, and Barely So.
Summary: Everyone has that one holiday present they remember forever - even in a galaxy far, far away.
Word Count: 447
Disclaimer: Anyone other than Lucas owning the holy trilogy is a good thing, but alas, it ain’t me.
Note: Written for the random prompt of “gaffe.” Meh. Close enough.


Tatooine didn’t have much in the way of winter.

Sure, it got a little less hot and a little more dry for a few weeks, but that was pretty much it.

So Luke Skywalker always thought having a “winter festival” was dumb.

Still, he didn’t mind the gifts. Who would?

And this year, he got the best gift of all. Uncle Owen had allowed him to go into Anchorhead on his own. It was just a supply run – an emergency supply run to pick up a gift for Aunt Beru that his uncle had forgotten about, in fact – but it was still Luke’s first time to take the landspeeder out that far on his own.

He was on his way back, still basking in the glory of his newfound freedom, when he saw it.

How he noticed it he wasn’t sure, but there it was. A glint of metal just to the right of the speeder as he rounded a pile of rocks.

Luke stopped the speeder and jumped out.

He wasn’t supposed to make any detours, but this hardly counted to his mind. It was on the way, after all.

So he backtracked a bit on foot and found what had caught his eye.

When he did, he smiled bigger than should’ve been legal.

He looked around despite knowing he was absolutely alone, then quickly stowed the object in the speeder.

After that, he raced straight home. When he got there, he delivered the package to Owen on the double, then ran out to the workshop, leaving his uncle shaking his head at the energy of youth.

Once he had some privacy, Luke removed his prize from the speeder and admired it. He ran his hands along its surface and grinned. He couldn’t believe his luck.

Just then, Aunt Beru called him to eat, so Luke stuffed his treasure under his workbench and ran inside, but not before giving it one last caress.

As he ate that night, he didn’t notice Owen and Beru giving each other odd looks over the table. He wasn’t aware of that his sudden good mood was the reason for their expressions. No, he was too busy thinking about what he’d found to worry about things like that, and though he had other gifts to open in a few days, he knew nothing would compare to what the desert had given him, and he suddenly knew his season was looking up.

Luke went to bed after supper, and he slept quickly after his long day, but as he drifted off, he had only one thought. A solo Anchorhead run and a bone fide, actual, real gaffi stick?

Happy Holiday to me.


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