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New Fic: Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rated: G
Category: Gen, Hermione. Double Drabble.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Hogwart’s is great and all, but for a Muggle-born, there will always be things that are missed. Fortunately for Hermione, there are ways around that.
Disclaimer: Accio, Copyrights! Oh, darn. Wand backfired. Well, it was worth a shot.
Note: This one is all @la_jellybean's fault. Cheers, mate.


Hermione Granger was smart.

Sometimes too smart.

But like everyone, sometimes she couldn’t see what was right in front of her.

So it had never occurred to her to attempt to fix her current predicament.

It was a minor problem, after all – especially when one considered the whole Voldemort thing. Unrestrained evil and being chased by Death Eaters were enough to make even the brightest witch miss the obvious solution. Especially when it broke the rules, or at least bent them.

So she endured the headaches and told herself it was healthier anyway.

That she didn’t need it and should just get over it.

That is, until she heard a certain rumor and passed a few Galleons into the right hands.

Next thing she knew, she had a hookup – hopefully permanently.

And she couldn’t even be mad about it not being her idea.

Instead, alone on the north tower, she toasted an imaginary partner and drank her contraband slowly.

Except her imaginary partner wasn’t all that imaginary.

He was a fourth-year Hufflepuff with a head for business.

And if there was one thing Hermione appreciated, it was entrepreneurship.

Especially when it involved the fizzy, tooth rotting sweetness of an honest-to-goodness real Coca-Cola.Cola.
Tags: fanfic, harry potter
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