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New Fic: Classic

Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Rated: G
Category: Gen. A bit of angst. Friendship. Humor. Ficlet. Poe, Luke.
Time Frame: Post-TFA.
Spoilers: General Star Wars knowledge only.
Word Count: 661
Summary: Some things simply grow old in time. Others, though, become classics.
Note: And May the Fourth be with you.


She’d been here for years.

Just waiting.

Sure, once in a while he’d come by. He’d tinker and putter around and tell her he loved her, but sure as the rain always came when the sky turned green, he’d leave again.

And sure as that rain always eventually stopped, he’d return.

There were a few more bruises every time; a few more scars.

And every time, his silence would say more than his words ever could.

But then, after a few days, he’d start to murmur to her, and before long, he’d be chattering again, sarcasm and all.

She always liked those days.

Those were good days.

But this day was different.

He wasn’t alone.

And it wasn’t just the droid with him, though of course he was there too, running ahead like usual.

But behind the dynamic duo she knew so well, another human followed.

She could tell right away that this one was different, even before a second droid trundled out of the woods.

When they reached her, it was the second man who spoke first.

“Hello, beautiful,” he murmured, in that same voice the first used with her so often.

The first man beamed. “Isn’t she?”

The second man merely nodded and ran a hand over her belly.

“I got her for a steal about five years back. Managed to limp her here, where she’s been ever since,” explained the first man, which earned him a disbelieving stare from this companion.

“You mean she hasn’t flown in five years? But…”

“I know, I know. I just… I need a new motivator and they’re pretty hard to find these days and it just sort of fell off my radar.”

The second man merely stared for a moment. Then he blinked, took a deep breath, and turned to the new droid.

“Artoo,” he said, “get in there and see what you can do. Rewire the actuator to bypass the motivator and let’s get this thing off the ground.”

The droid whistled and chirped and wheeled over, and in a minute flat he was where he belonged: in the droid socket of an Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter.

The first man turned to the second. It was his turn to stare.

“You mean you can just bypass it?”

The second man grinned in a way that him look twenty years younger, and nodded.

“They won’t tell you that, and you’re not supposed to,” he said, putting air quotes around the ‘supposed to.’ “But you totally can. Adds an extra two percent to the acceleration, too. They won’t tell you that, either. Sure, you have to watch that you don’t burn out, but as long as you don’t keep top speed for too long, you’ll do fine.”

This was the most Poe Dameron had ever heard Luke Skywalker speak, and he didn’t stop there.

“And as long as you don’t have any wire corrosion, I bet we can get this old girl off this rock within a few hours. Have you kept the compression coils pressurized?”

Poe nodded mutely, amazed by the sudden change in the usually reserved Jedi Master, who was suddenly acting like a schoolboy modifying a landspeeder.

Little did he know that that’s just what Luke had been growing up, and the urge to tinker never left him.

And though it took a little longer than he thought, and cost him some cuts to his good knuckles and a lot of sweat, Luke was true to his word.

That night, the old ship lifted off the surface of a long-forgotten moon for the first time in years.

And when two X-Wings popped out of hyperspace at the Resistance rendezvous point, no alarms went off, despite the flyby they both performed.

Because no one who witnessed a battered white and red T-65 and a shiny orange and black T-70 zooming past the tower could resist smiling.

Of course, when General Organa found out about it, that was a whole other matter.
Tags: fanfic, star wars
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