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Finally gave this show a try. Bottom line: I liked it, though it's very difficult for me to say precisely why.

Mostly, I think it's summed up by the phrase "I Am Also a We" and this image:


I enjoyed the notion that everyone is interconnected (even if in this case it is the sensate group specifically). I also totally dug the breakdown of that sensate group. Let's see what we have here:

A gay man.
A gay trans woman.
Two straight men.
Two straight women.
And two characters who remain unknowns in regards to their sexuality.

Never mind that Lito is Mexican, Nomi and Will are American, Wolfgang is German, Riley is Icelandic, Kala is Indian, Capheus is truly African, and Sun is truly Korean.

Wow! Now, I know a lot of people who watched this show *only* for this reason, and there's something to be said for that. We should support things that are diverse in these regards. However, I usually need a bit more to hook me. And though it took an episode or two to do it, Sense8 hooked me.

I watched the whole series (only tweve episodes so far, dammit!) in about ten days, which is nearly unheard of for me. I watched the last eight episodes in five days, which again is super fast for me.

I wanted to know what was going to happen to these guys.

Some online have called Sense8 convoluted, but I found it straightforward and easy to follow.

Some have said they couldn't connect with the characters, but I found it remarkably easy to care about them, especially once things really got going.

And I loved the notion that each one of them has skills the others need sometimes. They are each of them invaluable, for very different reasons.

And then there's this:

"He's my brother. Not by something as incidental as blood, but by something much stronger."

Oh, Wolfgang. I adore you.

So, if you're looking for a show to watch, check it out. You might like it, too. Be forewarned of grown up things, though. No pulling punches on sex scenes, even if they aren't heteronormative. They're a small part of the show, though, and only once did I feel that they were gratuitous (the powers that be were making a statement, which is their prerogative, I suppose). Birth scenes? Well, ditto. And now that I think about it, death scenes, too. Bottom line: if you're an adult who can handle adult things when not everyone follows the simplest path in life and follow eight characters, you're good. Otherwise? Not for you. ;)



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