wabbit (the jack is silent) (jackwabbit) wrote,
wabbit (the jack is silent)

wabbit's winter wonderland, year eight, day three

I'm super tired after work last night today, so today you get another vid I've loved this year.

And it's a happy song to boot, so enjoy!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank kdsorceress for introducing me to this particular vid of this song.

Because it's so very, very much fun!

For that matter, I should thank werewulf for introduing me to kdsorceress! ;)

Of course, then I could go deeper and on forever to, I suppose, Joss Whedon, because Dr. Horrible is the reason for that.

But the whole point is that the world needs more dancing.

And I must sleep.

Good night, all!

Tags: www8
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