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My $10 Jacket

That I promptly (over a year later, because it took me that long to get around to it, even though I contacted the patch company and had everything set up last November) decorated with $100 in patches and such. (Also, remember I am spoiler-free [no trailers even] for the new movie*.)

Star Wars Letter Jacket Front

Right chest (a local company embroidered it for me, and I bought the wings on eBay to even things out a bit):
Star Wars Letter Jacket Right Chest

Left chest (this patch was custom made - hard to find large, orange ones like this - and came out brilliantly):
Star Wars Letter Jacket Left Chest

Left sleeve ("Red Five standing by."):
Star Wars Letter Jacket Left Sleeve

Back (this patch that cost me a pretty penny, but I knew that was coming when I bought the jacket):
Star Wars Letter Jacket Back

Right sleeve (I thought long and hard about this one, but had to go original film):
Star Wars Letter Jacket Right Sleeve

All patches were made by The Neff Company, who also made the letter jacket. I contacted them and asked if they could ID the coat and color (they did - it's from a high school about an hour and half from here) and make me some patches for it. They obliged with no trouble at all. Most of the patches were stock designs with just specific numerals and words chosen, but the Rebel insignia they helped me make from start to finish. The jacket originally had only the letter "R" on it - no embroidery or other patches - so I was able to see what it could become while in the thrift shop easily. And I actually haggled for it, after eyeing it on several trips to the store to outfit myself and Taj as Yavin Luke and Han last Halloween. I never haggle. I do not enjoy such things. But I didn't want to pay a lot for the jacket, as I knew I was in for a good deal of funds on patches. Anyway, everything worked out and here I am, new owner of a Star Wars letter jacket. *grin*

*This jacket and Muggle clothes is one possible outfit I am considering for the premiere of The Force Awakens. I'm in at 8 PM Thursday, December 17 (thirty-one days!). Others are: Full Jedi, Yavin Luke, or tying to get Death Star Duel Luke finished on time. Decisions, decisions...funny how I've been thinking on what to wear to a movie for weeks and didn't give two cents about my wedding. Oh. Wait. That's not odd at all. Priorities, man. Priorities.
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