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Stargate Fans: A Question

So. Stargate. The one that made me. The one that gave me so many of you.

The one that inspired Gatecon, where many of you have met before.

Gatecon, the con that led to these comments being copied and pasted into a private entry here in 2008 entitled "Things to Make You Smile..."

From Lothi: *kidnaps Wabbit and smuggles in to Gatecon in a dufflebag*

From MacGyverGrrl:  And we definitely need Wabbit.

From MacBeth:  Re: Gatecon.  On LJ: Next year we have to get wabbit out as well!  And on MOL: Yes! We must have wabbit next year!!  And: My classical music education has shockingly lacked Jimmy Buffett to date, but I can see I’ll have to resolve that error. Especially since we are going to get wabbit to Gatecon if we have to kidnap her!

(I find it humorous, by the way, that lolmac is the only one who knew better than to capitalize my name then. No big W's for wabbit! *grin* But I digress.)

Gatecon, the con that is having a reunion next fall.

A reunion that is taking place THE WEEK AFTER DRAGON CON.

A reunion I cannot very much most likely cannot go to if I go to Dragon Con.

Dammit life. If that isn't an approach-approach conflict, I don't know what is.

So, friends, I need advice. And more importantly, I need to know who among you is planning on going to Gatecon.

Because I love you guys, and I'd love to see you. If you're going to Gatecon, the con I missed so many times, it will affect whether or not I go.

Here is my dilemma/my thoughts on this issue.

For Gatecon:
One, I've never been to Vancouver. It's a nice place to visit, and I'd like to go. I have friends who live nearby and would love to see them, too. Two, it's where the Hoodies (sans moi) originally became friends, so that's pretty cool. Three, it's a television pilgrimage. Four, it's something different to do, rather than just the same thing every year. Five, friends, friends, friends. If some of you guys go - some of you I don't get to see often/ever - that would be amazing. And six, a huge lineup of Gate stars. Oh, and seven, I guess, there's a limited number of tickets, so not such a huge crowd, either. Plus, there won't be another one these, or rarely if so.

Against Gatecon:
Missing Dragon Con. Missing that set of my friends, especially sonria. And I've seen most of the Gate people before. And frankly, I'd almost prefer to visit Vancouver without a con going on, so I can sit on Petra's porch for days. Because Petra. Also, limited tickets is both good and bad. I like those crazy crowds! Sometimes.

For Dragon Con:
One, um, it's Dragon Con. It's amazing in and of itself. And it's like an old friend. I know the drill. I love that place. Two, I have already committed (loosely, granted) to what I think will be a very fun group cosplay, and I hate to bail on that. Three, cosplay in general - not so much as a single focus con. Four, Dr. Horrible Live. I am so looking forward to this already. I want to go play! This is huge for me. I want to help werewulf out and I want to sing and dance and run through the crowd and quack like a duck and be a badass member of the ELE. Four, likely some actors/writers, etc, I'd like to see. Plus, next year - Oh, the Star Wars! Because seriously, Star Wars.

Against Dragon Con:
Missing Gatecon. And I'm not that big into some of the panels, parties, etc so much anymore. And Dragon Con will be there when I return. (Though I'll have to wait until 2018 for more Dr Horrible Live! Waaaah!)

What it really all boils down to is this: something new or something comfortable. I'm a fan of both. And cosplay. And friends. Thus, the dilemma.

A little help, LJ? Who's going?

lothithil, if you were in, I'd move heaven and earth to give you a hug, because we've never met, despite your friendship for years and years and years, and guests like you are what have mattered at cons to me for years. lolmac, I'd love to see you again. dragonfly_sg1, you are one of my oldest Stargate friends, and how cool would this be? arctict, you gave me one of my most memorable moments in fandom the one time I met you in New Jersey. cleothemuse, you rock. devra_01? dieastra? oneofaradia (though I suspect you'll stay with your local con - that big one named after a giant reptile)? slamaina? People I'm forgetting?

So, thoughts, hive mind?

Tickets go on sale this Sunday. I don't know if they'll sell out right away, but I think there's a chance of that, so I suspect I may need to make a decision soon. lemonpiefirefly and taj_mahal07 are going to Gatecon, so I need a new roommate for Dragon Con if I stay the usual course, but that's workable.

Anyway, thoughts, Gaters?


Oct. 4th, 2015 02:22 pm (UTC)
Solved it with a little Googling -- GABIT is holding its 9th AT event in London in October 2016.

GABIT was always a UK-based group focused on Amanda Tapping, doing small, beautifully organized, one-person-focused events (the acronym stands for "Get Amanda Back in Town"). They ran Avalon, and came to Canada and did the Sanctuary and MTM events there as well. I think they may have had some cooperative teamwork going with the Gatecon group for the Canada gigs, but they're definitely a different organization.

I've attended two Gatecons and one GABIT event, and I'd hand GABIT the gold statue for con-running, hands down. (Although they both beat Creation by a massive margin.)

My main problem with Gatecon, which wasn't an issue at my first one but really dampened my enthusiasm on the second, is that I found the regular Gategoers an incredibly clique-ish group. This was in full display on the last Gatecon, because it was officially The Last One; I suspect that it will be just as strong for the Gatecon Reunion.
Oct. 4th, 2015 02:57 pm (UTC)
There was supposed to be a Gatecon UK in November but it has been cancelled due to lack of interest / not enough sold tickets: http://forum.gateworld.net/threads/90280-GATECON-UK-The-Return-12-15-November-2015

I think with shows so long off the air it's bound to happen that people move on, and even the dedicatest fan says I already saw them all, and they have nothing new to tell, as nothing new happens. The Torchwood fandom is really different in that regard, still going so strong years after - and having been rewarded with new material via audioplays now.

I think GABIT was only responsible for the RDA part of Gatecon, since they had worked with him before and he knew to trust them.

I found the regular Gategoers an incredibly clique-ish group

That too. It did not bother me at the convention itself, as I was surrounded by so many friends and people I knew, and had my own clique to hang out with, so I had no reason to try and seek out others. I noticed before and after in the Gateworld-Forum though. The way some posts were written. All this "we were there from the beginnings a few days after 9/11 which made a close knit family and nobody that wasn't there will ever understand" stuff.

Oct. 4th, 2015 09:30 pm (UTC)
Huh. I don't think the fans being twats would bother me much, but I actually made my decision last night. I'm letting this one go.

I'm not real keen on it for a number of reasons, and the fact that I had to make a decision a year ahead of time made me nix it.


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