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New Fic: Awestruck

Fandom: How I Met Your Mother/Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Rated: PG (mild language)
Category: Crossover, Gen, Humor.
Major Characters: Bad Horse, Barney Stinson.
Season:  HIMYM Season Four.  DHSAB Post-Act III.
Spoilers:  HIMYM: The Possimpible. DHSAB: General Knowledge Only.
Summary:  A Viral Video Gets The Attention Of Bad Horse.
Disclaimer:  The Monkey Made Me Do It.  Honest.  Well, Him And The Bear.
Word Count: 411


Bad Horse opened his e-mail and sighed.

He had a forward - one of those ‘Check Out This Awesome Video’ forwards.

It was from his idiot cousin, Dobber.

He sighed again as he picked up the stylus he used for navigating his touch screen computer with his mouth.  Sometimes being a horse was a real pain in the ass.  He didn’t envy humans much, but their lovely hands, with all those independent digits, were certainly worth coveting, and of that he was often guilty.

Bad Horse punched open the e-mail with a grimace.

‘Might as well get it over with,’ he thought.  ‘If I don’t watch this, I’ll never hear the end of it from that moron.’

Bad Horse didn’t watch many videos.  His henchmen did that for him.  The ELE received hundreds of clips a week from wannabe villains and their cohorts attempting to impress him, but only a handful of them deserved any serious consideration, so he didn’t waste his time on them.

As this vid began to play, however, he knew it was different.  This was no ELE application, and he found himself mesmerized by it.

He’d never seen planes, cheetahs, and surfers put together in quite this way.  He didn’t know whether to be terrified or amused, and no matter how hard he tried not to, he couldn’t help humming along to the tune, despite its truly self-gratifying lyrics.

When the vid was done, Bad Horse did the only thing he could.

He played it again.  And again.

Then he punched several buttons on his screen and sent a memo to the entire ELE organization, putting a permanent watch on the star of the video.

He did this for two reasons.

One, the resemblance of the man to the newest member of the ELE was uncanny, and he couldn’t help but wonder if someone out there had finally perfected cloning technology and left him out of it (in which case there would be hell to pay); and two, he really wanted to know if this guy had even a shred of evil in him.

If so, Bad Horse was very excited about the possibility of cultivating that evil.  This guy would make one bad-ass supervillain with the right training.  Sure, he was arrogant and more than a bit delusional, but that wasn’t all bad in Bad Horse’s line of work, and there was one thing that simply couldn’t be denied.

Delusional or not, Barney Stinson was awesome.


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