wabbit (the jack is silent) (jackwabbit) wrote,
wabbit (the jack is silent)

Fury Road Icons

I made a bunch of basic Mad Max: Fury Road icons tonight. Take 'em if you want 'em!

Now, when does this movie come out on DVD/Blu-Ray, already?

Actually, scratch that. Just keep it in theaters forever!

That said, more images, please.

Handshake 1 Handshake2 Duo Poster 2 Duo Poster 2 Text Duo Poster
Duo1 Gearhead Text1 Text2
Furiosa Fight Furiosa Goggles Furiosa Gun Furiosa Sights Furiosa Tears
Max 1 Max Dubious Max Muzzled Max WTF Max Bike Corrected
Furiosa and Vuvalini Vuvalini1 Wives Nux1 Nux2

[And a bonus gif, because reasons - can be considered a spoiler...]And a bonus gif, because reasons:

Max Ending photo 121scpw.gif
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