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Mad Max: Fury Road

I'm going to be brief. If you haven't seen this movie, for the love of all that is holy, go see it now.

And now I shall be not so brief, but still spoiler-free.

I haven't loved a movie like Mad Max: Fury Road in a long time. I actually said "holy fucking shit" under my breath as it ended. I was amazed by its truthfullness (more on this later, in a spoiler-y post). This movie was suberb, and my saying that surprises me a lot, because even though I'd heard all the rumblings about how great it was, and even though I was going to go see it if for no other reason than because it angered the "men's rights activists" out there, I'm not a big fan of most action movies. So I was shocked by how much I adored it.

See, I literally fell asleep in the theater during a James Bond action sequence once (and in Red, as well), and I've been known to entertain my brain with anything else pretty much any time a fight scene comes on in most action films. They bore the shit out of me (note that I said "most," not all - action done well is fabulous and definitely my cup of tea, but action for the sake of action, well, not so much). Oh, whee! More running on top of a train and throwing punches! That's fun, right? Or how about the second Pirates of the Caribbean's big wheel chase thingy? Joy! Not. Oh, oh! And John McClain fighting literally on top of a jet! Yes! Try no.

And when I read fic? Well, I don't read much, but I nearly instantly start scrolling quickly down when I get to an action scene. Booooorrrring. I simply do not care about them. I also can't write them, because I find them both difficult and mind-numbing to boot. One of my longer stories that I quite like has been stymied for years because I need to write the characters out of a trap and that simply doesn't appeal one bit.

So why did I absolutely love a movie that is essentially (oh, who are we kidding? there's no "essentially") a two-hour-long car chase? A beautiful two-hour-long car chase with many physical effects, granted, but still a two-hour-long car chase?

Because it didn't feel like the usual action movie, and though it took me a little bit of thinking to realize why, I know now that it's because not a single scene was wasted. There was a point to all of it. Sure, sometimes the point was to pay homage to Mad Max (yes, I've seen them all, but only once or a handful of times thirty years ago), but mostly the point was to drive the plot.

And there was a plot. Amazing, right? An action movie with an actual story? YES!

Add to that plot some great characters portrayed wonderfully by the actors and a lack of rape* AND fridging as plot devices, and I'm 100% sold on this movie. I can't stop thinking about how wonderful it was even now, hours later, and I'm not likely to anytime soon. I immediately texted everyone I know who would appreciate my taste in films that they had to go see this movie if they hadn't yet. I offered to go with them or come to their houses and kidnap them and take them. I'll even pay their way. For me, this movie is that good. I need to preach it to others. I don't yet know if I'll watch this movie again and again, but I can say I'll see it at least a few more times, because it deserves it.

So, again, I say: If you haven't seen Mad Max: Fury Road, go now, before it leaves theaters, if you at all possibly can.


*Trigger warning: Rape is implied/pre-story/off screen and is a motivation for some of the characters, but not used to serve as fodder for male character motivation (WUT?).



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