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New Fic: The Bollocks Series, Deep Cover

Deep Cover
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rated: PG (Language)
Category: 221B Fic. Gen. Mary POV.
Series: Three.
Spoilers: General through the end of series three.
Summary: Even if John and Molly had been fooled, there’s no way Mary would buy his story.
Word Count: Why, 221 (and ending with a “B” word), of course!


I’ve done my share of undercover work, so I know how it works.

I know you have to infiltrate and gain trust and be “one of them,” whoever they might be.

I know that can  mean doing some downright nasty things.

Because sometimes, you can’t get out of doing those things, no matter what. So depending on the cover, it can be worth it to betray yourself . It’s all for the greater good, as they say. Other times, you bail. You break cover and run because the price is too high.

And sometimes, you fake it.

You fire your gun in the air and throw your supposed victim off a dock.

You sip the wine but carefully spit it out when no one is looking.

And you inject the drugs you’re supposed to be using subcutaneously (it burns like hell, and it’s less than perfect, but it’s better than the real deal) or switch syringes or any number of other things to merely look the part, not play it.

And with this lot?

They wouldn’t notice a dinosaur if it bit them on the arse, and with his skills at manipulation, he could fool far more perceptive folks than these.

So Mister Sherlock Holmes claiming he was using for a case? Well , there’s only one word for that.

Tags: fanfic, sherlock
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