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Dear friends, allow me to introduce the first completely kitted member of my Fringe cosplay group, debuting at Dallas Comic Con in May.

See, this one's a bear. I made him, though, so it'd be a crime to now show you that process.

Note that you can click all pics to enlarge them, and the links herein lead to reference pics.

First off, this little guy was made with some very special stuff inside.

I drew this in the store, and I'm very happy with how this third draft turned out.

Now, if you've never made a Build-A-Bear before, I heartily ecourage you to do so, but since you newbies don't know this, let me expound on something. See, you get a little heart to put inside them. You're supposed to hold it in your hand and make a wish or send a special thought to the bear's recipient.** I've told my nieces and nephews I love them and wished away loneliness and all sorts of things before, but this one, well, it was special.

It got that special drawing plus a heart...

...all bundled up with love...

...and once it had a place to go...

...it went right where it belonged.

A short time later, this little guy was named.*

Now, at this time, he was only partially outfitted, but he rather enjoyed that. Sigh. More on that later.

But soon, more clothes joined his wardrobe, and he began to look more his part.

Before long, a onesie was dyed and modified, and I got the little bastard into a shirt.

And then said shirt was made proper, after much texting and trial and error regarding the graphic.

But no Bishop is complete without some accessories:

Especially one in particular:

And that crucial accessory eventually got everything it needed tonight.

Ladies and gentlefolk, allow me to introduce: the one, the only, Peter Bearship!
Buttoned Up

Of couse, sometimes he gets hot.
Open With Scarf

And, being a bear, sometimes he loses his things.
Open No Scarf

But mostly, he just kicks ass in any universe.***
Mirror Fistbump 1 JPEG

And I seriously wouldn't cross him. He's a very smart bear, and living in this house, he's already made some unsavory acquaintances, so I truly mean that. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
Vertical Mirror 2 JPEG


*Yes, I know Peter's last name is Bishop. But Peter Bear's full last name is Bearship. He really is a very smart bear, but he's also still very, very young, and in this universe he was taught to speak by a megalomanical cat who was in turn taught language by a criminally insane bear. So, he no spell so good sometimes. Also, he occsionally does drugs. Let it go. I most certainly have. It's the best I can do to keep a shirt on the fellow. He can spell his name however he wants.

**Also, this bear is for me. At least for now. I give away nearly everything I make that's not a cosplay, and well, this little guy is staying. He's currently my very favorite thing.

***Turns out Cabbage Patch Kids Poseables fit Build-A-Bears! Score! (Sorry, Mary Elizabeth, but Peter Bear needs that more right now.)
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