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It's Calendar Day!*

A text I sent my husband tonight, shared for those of you who I've let into my weird little world(s):

"So, my favorite part of the Grazing Day scene?** How Peter just nonchalantly explains it to Nerdy Lincoln. Like it's the most normal thing in the world. Which it is. To them. Like us and Camo and Fig. We all build our weird little worlds and choose who we let into them. And that's what Fringe is about. Family."

Because yes. Just so much yes. My husband and I own a megalomaniac cat who hates everyone and a stuffed bear who would take over the world if only he had digits. Once, said bear was arrested by another bear and now has a restraining order and isn't allowed to associate with monkeys. These things happen. At least to us; in our world.

And that's completely okay fucking awesome.

It's also awesome (and normal) that taj_mahal07 and I spent three hours last night angsting over a single episode of a television show and that lemonpiefirefly and I camped out for Star Wars.

As awesome (and normal) as Grazing Day is for Walter and Peter and Gene. Fringe reminds me that we all have our things, and that's the best in life.

It's like the great song*** says:

"And reasons the world would want to question, make sense to you and me."

Damn straight, Jimmy. Damn straight.


*From If Lucy Fell, which I encourage you to see if you haven't. The phrase applies here. Trust me.

**Only the first thirty seconds apply here, and they are plot-spoiler free. Oh, Fringe. I love you.

***This song rocks, and this particular recording of this song is so very, very special to me. That is all for now. That is another story for another day.

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