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...you read that right. If anyone read it at all, that is.

To reiterate, my last entry is my 500th fic*. It's true that my ff.net profile only states 388, but it's also true that every time I've done a Christmas Carols series, they've been 24 stand-alone individual fics, and they're not alone in that regard.

And somehow, I recently grew curious at how many fics I'd actually written, taking this into account. It was close to 500, so I figured, what the heck, I'd keep track until I got there, because that seems all, like, milestone-y.

And here we are. Five hundred fics, and an actual intentional post of a fic for the occasion, just because it's been on my desktop for over two years, and lolmac wanted to see it back in the day.

That's crazy.

Crazy like a fox!

And, now I sleep. Good night, gentle readers. See you on my morrow.

*And absolutely no apologies for most of my fics being short. None whatsoever. *grin*
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