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New Fic: Vigil

Fandom: Fringe
Rated: PG
Category: Double Drabble. Walter angst.
Season: Three. Set shortly after “Entrada.”
Spoilers: “Entrada”, General.
Summary: Peter can’t sleep after Fauxlivia, and despite everything, Walter is still his father. Some things never change for fathers.


I hear him sometimes.

At night, when he thinks I’m asleep or stoned.

He doesn’t know that these days those states are as foreign to me as they are to him.

So I hear him get up more times than a man his age should.

I hear his footsteps, back and forth, as he paces, or the creaks of his bed as he tosses and turns.

Sometimes, I hear him leave, and I wonder where he goes, but I do not follow, for fear of actually knowing that answer.

But worst of all are the nights I hear nothing.

The nights I worry that it’s too quiet; that he’s had enough of the tossing and turning and pacing and wandering around town; that he’s grown too tired to deal with it, like his mother.

Those nights, I can’t help myself.

My son is not a boy.

He deserves his privacy.

But I creep into his room on those nights and make sure he’s breathing, like I did so long ago.

He always is; he’s always just finally succumbed to exhaustion.

And on those nights, in a chair, outside his door, is the only place I can join him in sleep.
Tags: fanfic, fringe
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