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New Fic: To Sleep Like a Baby

To Sleep Like a Baby
Fandom: Fringe
Rated: PG
Category: Double Drabble. Peter angst.
Season: Three. Set any time (but likely shortly) after “Entrada.”
Spoilers:  “Dream Logic”, “There’s More Than One of Everything”, General.
Summary: Peter Bishop didn’t often think of his childhood, but occasionally it came in handy.


Peter Bishop never had a teddy bear.

Or if he had, he didn’t remember it.

His childhood hadn’t exactly been picture-perfect, after all, and he actively tried to forget most of it.

Still, there were things he held on to.

Things like whale-shaped pancakes and erector sets and the rare times his father had actually taught him something. Sure, it was physics and structural engineering rather than how to throw a ball, but Peter had never expected anything else. Because normal is a relative term, and frankly, those things had served him well through the years, so it wasn’t all bad.

But above all of that – even above the surprisingly excellent cooking lessons – Peter held on to one thing.

Even now, so long past childhood.

Especially now, in fact, with flashes of red hair waking him yet again.

No, it wasn’t a bear or a ball, but with the way he latched on to it, like a crying child in search of comfort, it may as well have been.

He clawed at it desperately, in the hope that it would work now as it had then.

So he repeated Walter’s words over and over as laid back down.

Please don’t dream tonight.
Tags: fanfic, fringe
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