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New Fic: Of Boxes and Bruises

Of Boxes and Bruises
Fandom: Fringe
Rated: PG
Category: Ficlet. Peter angst.
Season: Three. Likely set shortly after “Marionette.”
Spoilers: “Marionette,” general.
Summary: Sometimes, baggage is carried in a suitcase. Other times, it just gets a box.
Word Count: 381.


He’s asleep early for once, exhaustion finally turning off his brain and making his body do what it’s needed for far too long.

He hears it, though: A car, a dull thunk on the porch, then a car again.

He rolls over and grunts, even, but he doesn’t recognize it for what it is, and he somehow falls back asleep and gets a full night’s rest for the first time in days.

The next morning, when he stumbles downstairs, Walter is standing in the doorway, a silhouette of a bathrobe and slippers and hair against too-bright sun. He looks at Peter and shakes his head sadly, then shuffles into the kitchen.

That’s when Peter sees it.

There’s a box on the porch.

He tilts his head and narrows his eyes at it as his feet slowly take him to it.

It’s not a package, taped and shipped through the mail. It’s not some freaky thing Walter bought off late-night TV or a piece of lab equipment. No, this is something else – something personal.

The box isn’t closed, and it’s obviously been used before. Creases and bends mark its surface.

Through a half-open flap, Peter sees a hint of grey and he closes his eyes.

After a moment, he opens them, takes a big breath, and bends to open the flap completely.

This only confirms what he already knew.

It’s a box of his clothes; remnants of a too-brief life he thought he loved.

There aren’t many, but what’s there is more than enough.

He picks the box up and slowly ascends the stairs.

Half an hour later, he comes back down, dressed and ready for the day.

Amazingly enough, so is Walter, and they head to the lab.

Olivia doesn’t come to Harvard that day. Walter and Peter barely make any progress with their plans for the machine, while Astrid tries to keep herself busy and them supplied with food that only Walter eats.

In other words, it’s par for the course these days.

Walter never mentions the rampage he heard upstairs that morning, and the now-even-more-battered box in the far corner of Peter’s closet isn’t telling, either.

Peter likewise keeps his mouth shut, even more so than usual lately, and it’s a long, long time before he sleeps well again.



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