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New Fic: Blonde Moment

Blonde Moment
Fandom: Fringe
Rated: PG
Category: Ficlet. Peter angst.
Season: Two. Immediately Post-What Lies Below.
Spoilers: The Dreamscape, What Lies Below.
Summary: A moment of weakness and a moment of clarity. Sometimes, they are the same.
Word Count: 299.


He stared at the bag, all packed and ready to go.

He fought a wave of nausea as he heard Walter moving around downstairs.

He knew the old man needed him, but after what he’d done, he couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her again. Sure, he’d been sick, but it didn’t matter.

He’d still punched her; still pushed her to the ground; still threatened her with her own gun.

He’d become everything he hated.

He couldn’t get her face out of his head. The fear in her eyes was a constant companion. It never relented; never gave him a break.

He sighed, standing and moving to pick up the bag.

He’d been here too long, and like every time that happened, someone got hurt.

It was time to go.

Suddenly, his phone rang, making him jump.

He glanced at the caller ID, and when the name there registered in his guilt-ridden brain, he gave it a look of disbelief.

He picked up, despite really not wanting to.


Twenty minutes later, he was picking her up and driving her to a friend’s house to sleep off too many martinis. Half an hour after that, she was kissing him on a porch. A moment later, he was stumbling through the door, not thinking about anything except staying the night.

But next thing he knew, he was back in the car, confused as hell as to exactly how he felt about both the make-out session and his breaking it off, but suddenly knowing something else with absolute certainty.

Back at home a short time later, he tossed the bag into his closet.

He wasn’t ready to unpack it just yet, but for tonight, he knew he didn’t need it.

After all, what if it had been Olivia who had called?



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