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I've contributed to a number of charities in my day. I do so still when I can.

This is one of them. Tony Hawk brought me to this one years ago, and I'm glad.

Because remember, SK8HARD. Always.*

There are newer videos now, but this one is a favorite, and I'm a sharing mood, so there you go. ;)

*I'm female. I skateboard. Rarely these days, granted, but I actually bit it hard in my driveway about a month ago while attempting something new, so these things do still happen to me on occasion. And when I was young, I skateboarded a LOT. I was never a "skater chick," but I was a skater, pure and simple, and I'm grateful for that group of my friends for a lot of reasons. Why wouldn't I share that love with kids with way less than I had?
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