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New Fic: Calming Rituals

Calming Rituals
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG
Category: Double drabble. Gen. Cassie.
Season: Post-series.
Spoilers: General Series Knowledge.
Summary: Sometimes, when it’s too loud, the only way to quiet down is to make a little more noise.
Note: Written for a random word prompt of: Guitar. And with thanks to Jimmy Buffett.


I grew up as normally as one can when one is a refugee from a destroyed planet.

Sure, it took some time, but I quickly learned how to stop saying things that earned me raised eyebrows from my classmates that would’ve  put Teal’c’s to shame.

And since I was pretty young when I came here, it was no hardship to fit in in high school. I learned to love makeup and dating and movies just fine.

I also learned music. And of all the things I learned, I’m most grateful for this.

Because tonight, it’s very loud in my head. Tonight, I hear Sam whispering at me to join the SGC. I hear Uncle Jack and Teal’c saying the military is the right choice. I hear Daniel telling me to go to grad school. And I hear myself questioning all of these choices, wondering if medicine is my calling, like it was my mom’s, and not knowing the answer.

Tonight, I need things to quiet down. I know I could call any of the people in my head and talk about this, but there’s only one thing that calms me on nights like this.

Tonight, I just need my guitar.
Tags: fanfic, stargate sg-1
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