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New Fic: Unjust Reward

Unjust Reward
Fandom: Iron Man
Rated: PG
Category: Double drabble. Gen. Pepper POV.
Summary: Pepper Potts dealing with the train wreck that is Tony – again.
Note: Written for a random word prompt of: Entrance.


He’s late.


I’m so not surprised, but I’m still mad. He swore he’d make it to this one. I need him here, dammit.

These guys are expecting him, like now, and I can’t stall them much longer.

I start thinking through my usual excuses for rescheduling when suddenly a blaze shoots by the window, and I can’t help but sigh.


Of course he’s showing up at the last possible minute. And of course he’s in the suit.

Why would he do anything else?

He swaggers in wearing smudged red and gold to applause from the board, and none of them notice me rolling my eyes.

He has them right where he wants them, and it’s completely ridiculous. He’s getting rewarded for his bad behavior. Again. He’s loud, crass, perpetually late, and so full of himself as to make God look humble, and they love him for it. It’s like throwing gasoline on a flame. And it’s just not fair. I’m the one who worked to make this happen, and he’s the one who will get all the glory.

But despite everything, there’s one thing I can say for my boss.

He does know how to make an entrance.
Tags: fanfic, iron man
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