wabbit (the jack is silent) (jackwabbit) wrote,
wabbit (the jack is silent)

New Fic: Cliches

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG
Category: Drabble. References Sam/Jack, but nothing overt.
Season: Ten or so.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Teal’c isn’t as clueless as he seems, you know.
Note: Written for a random word prompt of: Crowd.


Contrary to popular belief, I am not naive.

And I have lived on Earth for over a decade.

I do understand most social norms.

Not that this is exclusive to the Tau’ri.

No, this is universal, and it doesn’t take Daniel Jackson’s intellect to understand it.

So I make myself scarce. I purchase a movie ticket, claiming I truly desire to see the film, which is only half true.

But if my lie allows Colonels Carter and O’Neill the afternoon alone, so be it.

Because in this situation, the saying is true.

If two’s company, three is indeed a crowd.
Tags: fanfic, stargate sg-1
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