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New Fic: The Bollocks Series, Inevitable

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rated: PG-13 (Language)
Category: 221B Fic. Gen. Mary POV.
Series: Three.
Spoilers: General Series Knowledge Only.
Summary: She really should have seen it coming.
Word Count: Why, 221 (and ending with a “B” word), of course!


I left it all behind.

It nearly killed me - literally - but I did it.

I cut it out of my life.

Every bit of it: the killing, the lying, the stealing, the names I’d had for years.

All gone.

And for what?

For a chance to live a “normal” life. A chance to have what everyone else has: the house, the family, the biggest worry being what to wear to the fancy dress party put on by the neighbor.

And it was working, too.

John was my ticket to that life. The one I thought I wanted. The one I did want, after I met him.

He was broken, but he wasn’t like me. He was kind. And soft. And gentle. He was everything I was not, and he brought the parts of me I thought I’d hidden away forever out of the shadows and into the light. Everything was going well. Too well, in fact.

That should’ve been my first clue. Nothing ever goes that well in real life. Or at least not in my life.

So I should’ve been expecting it.

I should’ve been expecting him.

Him, with his brilliance and his arrogance and his adventure and his fucking it all up.

Him, throwing everything I’d left behind in my face.

Him, making me want it all again.

Tags: fanfic, sherlock
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