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New Fic: Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: G
Category: Vignette. Humor. Team. Gen. Perhaps slightly cracky.
Season: Post-series/current day.
Spoilers: General Series Knowledge.
Summary: Torturing Daniel, it seems, is an equal opportunity activity.
Word Count: 426
Note: Written because I was staring at a blinking cursor and hubby came in and wrote this first paragraph for me and then said, “go.”


Daniel stared up at the night sky, wondering what hideous thing Jack had planned for them. Jack had asked him if he had plans for the evening and when he said no, a large mischievous grin suddenly appeared on Jack’s face. That was never good.

But here Daniel was, in Jack’s back yard, wondering what was going on, as usual.

Jack had rigged up a huge bed sheet between the trees and he was fiddling with a projector that was sitting on the picnic table near the garage. So, obviously an outdoor movie, then.

Daniel sighed. It was a nice night, but he had other things he’d rather be doing – especially since Jack was likely to let Teal’c pick the movie and that meant Star Wars… again. Or maybe Die Hard… also, again. At that thought, Daniel couldn’t help it. He sighed… again.

But when he saw Cassie pop out the back door of Jack’s house, and he smiled. He hadn’t seen her in ages, and he hadn’t known she was coming.

“Cassie!” he greeted.

She ran up to him and gave him a hug, which Daniel gladly returned. Sam followed Cassie out into the yard and Daniel hugged her, too. Things were starting to look better now. If the ladies were involved, perhaps he wouldn’t be subjected to the “Jack and Teal’c quote an entire movie” show after all.

Daniel chatted with Sam and Cassie for a while. He found out that Cassie was doing well in her studies and that Sam was back at Area 51 briefly to help with a new DHD system, but their talk was cut short when Jack clapped his hands together and looked at Sam.

“You bring it, then?” he asked.

Sam nodded. “Cassie’s choice, sir,” said Sam, making Daniel roll his eyes at her formality.

Still, Daniel’s eyebrows rose. Cassie had picked the movie? That was interesting. What did a young woman studying medicine after a stint with Greenpeace watch for fun? He had no idea what to expect.

Sam handed Jack a disc, and he loaded it into the projector. A few minutes later, the movie started just as Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Cassie settled into their lawn chairs with big bowls of popcorn prepared by Teal’c, who had just joined them from inside.

An hour of sing-along time later, Daniel decided that Sam and Cassie could torture him with movies just as well as Jack and Teal’c.

And an hour after that, Daniel decided that if he never saw a snowman again, it’d be too soon.
Tags: fanfic, stargate sg-1
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