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I Got a New Gig

So, via Twitter and an old SFX buddy, I got a new writing gig. Non-paid, but hopefully something to get me writing again, as, well, I've fallen out of the habit. Note that I didn't say that the muse abandoned me or some such thing, as the fact is that I've just been in a bit of a funk*, and I haven't made the time for my writing like I used to**. Enter Alasdair and his frequent tweets of writing opportunities and voila!

I have a new gig at Geek Syndicate.

My first piece is here, and given this week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promo pic, it's timely - though I suspect I'll soon be disappointed.

*Honestly, it's been a simple matter of "I just don't feel like it" for months. It's easy to do that - to fall out of the habit of something. And once you do, it's hard to get back into it. Yes, I'm not in the first blush of fandom with any particular show right now, and that does hinder the muse somewhat, but there's plenty of old plot bunnies I could dust off/finish, and lords know I have plenty of bloggy thoughts. But I've been too "meh" to bother with them. Hell, while it's by no means an earth-shattering fic or anything, that new little Hook piece sat on my desktop for weeks simply because I couldn't be bothered to post it. Instead, I'd just watch YouTube and surf the net for nothing and watch TV and otherwise do nothing. I'm trying to change that; to jumpstart the habit of actually writing again. Storium didn't do it for me. Though I very much enjoyed my first game there and the second was fun, too, I haven't found another that keeps me interested yet. Perhaps this bit of geekery will do the trick. If not, I can quit any time. It's very much an informal place there, it seems, and I like that a lot. We shall see...

**Granted, I've made several cosplays, so at least I'm doing something with my time, but still...I'm one of those people who gets more done when I have twenty things to do than when I have two on the list. With hubby home and doing most, if not all, of the housework and errands, it's easy for me to just sit and literally do nothing. I'm not running/working out as much, either, and the whole thing goes together. Bit of a funk, as I said. But this too shall pass. It happens. Winter is coming, so things will be better soon. #TooHot. ;)
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