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Just Because*

A few years ago, a writer's block question here on LJ was: "What do you want to see eliminated in the next fifty (or some such number, I can't quite recall, but exactness isn't important here) years?" Most people answered with things like hunger, war, disease, etc. But one person answered "gender." I remember blinking at that answer and suddenly getting it - suddenly agreeing with that wholeheartedly. Until the moment I read that answer, it never occurred to me that such a thing was possible. But what an amazing thing that would be! Gender** is a construct, and like most constructs, it is limiting in many ways. It holds us back as a civilized society. So, yes. Me too. I'd love to see gender go away forever, because this entry is marked with a tag I use occasionally but mean every day. Because gender is bullshit indeed.

*Actually, inspired by this:

**And for those that might need it, gender, sex, and sexual orientation are all different things, mmm-kay?
Tags: gender is bullshit
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