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"The core of the GI Joe fantasy is loyalty. The fantasy isn’t about shooting at Cobra, the fantasy is about ‘If I get left behind, Snake Eyes will come and get me.’ " - Larry Hama

Yep. That's it. That's why I love G.I. Joe. I know I shouldn't be surprised that Mister Hama gets it, and I'm not, but I am awfully glad he does. :)

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Here is the full text of the source interview for that quote, at least as it pertains to Joe. I've added a few italics.

You shot a cameo in GI Joe.

Yes… I don’t know how much I can say about that! [laughs]

I understand. But how cool was that, to be there on the set, talking to people playing these characters you created? You’re in a scene with General Hawk!

It’s very cool. It’s very gee whiz amazing. But I’ve been dealing with that for over 30 years. Just to see any of it, to see that stuff appear on the shelf  and in comic books is mind boggling to me. You never get over it. It’s always amazing, and I think that’s probably what makes it fresh to everybody. Once it stops being amazing, you might as well forget it. If you no longer say, ‘Wow,’ something’s really wrong!

Respecting how much you can or can’t say… your GI Joe comics were more realistic than the cartoon show. Is the movie more in line with the comic, more with the cartoon? How do you see the film being tonally?

Tonally it’s more hard edge than the cartoon was. But you have such restrictions in animation on television. The people involved are taking it seriously. The attitude on set wasn’t ‘Oh, it’s just a toy license.’ You got serious actors seriously thinking about the characters as characters. They’re actually curious about where these characters come from. That was the nature of a lot of my conversation on the set - ‘Where is this guy coming from?’ But that’s what actors want to know. They want that background. If they don’t, they have no business doing this stuff. That’s what it’s about, making these people come alive and adding some substance to them. It’s a lot of fun.

A couple of years ago I talked to Lorenzo di Bonaventura, and I talked to him about how in the 80s, when the cartoon and comic were big, the US wasn’t involved in big military actions, and terrorism wasn’t so on the front of our minds. But how do you make a movie about these things today, when American soldiers are fighting on foreign soil and when terrorism means something bigger than just an evil mastermind in a mask?

They had to put themselves in a mindset that it’s less about all the military stuff and technology and warrior terms than it is a fantasy about this group. It’s a fantasy about personal loyalties and relationships on that level. The core of it is more similar to Harry Potter; people go, ‘Harry Potter, that’s about magic,’ but no, it’s a fantasy about being with these cool kids at this cool school away from your parents. The core of the GI Joe fantasy is loyalty. That’s what made it work in the comics and bled over into the animation. The fantasy isn’t about shooting at Cobra, the fantasy is about ‘If I get left behind, Snake Eyes will come and get me.’

It’s about having people you can rely on.

You can rely on Scarlett will stand by Snake Eyes. That’s the fantasy that will bring people back, and I think Lorenzo is very aware of that, and it’s reflected in the script.

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