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New Fic: The Bollocks Series, Inside Joke

Inside Joke
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rated: PG (Language)
Category: 221B Fic. Gen. Mycroft POV.
Series: Any.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Best friends always have in-jokes. Sherlock and John are no exception.
Disclaimer: Oh, please. It’s a bit obvious I don’t own this, right?
Word Count: Why, 221 (and ending with a “B” word), of course!


Not this again.

Really, I do wish he’d be more original. This constant repetition is beneath even him.

Especially when we’re eating (and how did that even happen?).

So I used to be heavy.

So what?

I’m beyond caring about his petty insults at this stage of my life.

It’s ancient history.

I know his goal: To get a rise out of me.

So I ignore him. I bow out of this particular little game of his.

His smirk falters when his insult misses its mark, and I smile.

My expression does what I intended. He actually snarls.

He really is so easy to manipulate. When will he learn?

Suddenly, he turns away.

“John?” he says.

Doctor Watson answers, “Yeah?”

Sherlock nods toward John’s soup.

“You going to eat that?”

John shakes his head. “You know I don’t like tomato.”

Sherlock looks up at me and grins. The glint in his eyes wipes away my smile.

His next words are utterly predictable.

He nods toward me as he speaks.

“Give it to Mikey. Mikey will eat it.”

John laughs, and Sherlock beams at me. It’s my turn to snarl.

Damn Americans and their damn retro commercials.

And damn YouTube for letting John (and thus Sherlock) find that one.

Because that’s just what I needed. A new running joke between them.



A/N: To those who don’t know the reference, Google “Mikey Commercial” and you’ll see what John did in this story. It’s an old US ad where two kids who don’t want to eat the “healthy” cereal being advertised give it to their kid brother, who eats it right up. It became a cultural trope, where any poor child named any variation of Mikey was always given the gross things no other kids wanted to eat as a joke, because they would supposedly eat anything. Thus, this story.


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