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Wherein Allison Scagliotti Nails It

The best thing I heard anyone say at Dallas Comic-Con this weekend:

Well said, @allisonscag. Well said indeed. (My bold, obviously.)

"Before I joined this show, fresh out of community college, I had no idea what sci-fi fandom was. I didn't... I kind of had a vague idea of what ComicCon might be, but I didn't really know. And...and it's because of Warehouse 13 that I've been introduced to this incredible culture of passionate people who don't care what anyone else thinks. You guys like what you like and you get together and like stuff together, and that's the coolest thing ever! And the fact that we get to be the object of your affection is such an honor, because we do what we do out of passion and the fact that we get to share it with you and you share your passion with us is the most beautiful relationship I can imagine, so thank you so much for your support."

-Allison Scagliotti, Dallas Comic-Con's Sci-Fi Expo, February 9, 2014

And the honorable mention goes to Peter Weller, for his words to a female teenage Robocop cosplayer:

"Who says Robocop can't be a girl - a sixteen-year-old girl? Not me!"

More to come later, but suffice to say, these comments win for today. Good night, all.
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