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wabbit (the jack is silent)

Fandom 5K Donor Fic: Role Reversal

Role Reversal
Fandom: Star Trek 2009 (though could be TOS, as well, I suppose)
Rated: PG
Category: Drabble. Kirk and Bones Friendship, Hurt/Comfort.
Summary: Everyone needs help sometimes. Even very stubborn physicians.
Disclaimer: Why argue over who owns what? Can’t we all just live long and prosper?
Note: This one was for Petra, my friend, my colleague, and an inspiration.


“Would you hold still?” muttered Jim Kirk, trying to restrain his CMO.

His charge flailed on his stomach, bloody hands fumbling at his back. “But I can’t see it!”

“You don’t need to see it!”

“How would you know? It’s bad, isn’t it? I don’t feel so good,” said McCoy, at first demanding, then quietly slurring his words and closing his eyes.


When McCoy blinked at him, Kirk winked.

“Don’t worry. I got this,” he said, grinning.

Bones passed out a moment later, but not before rolling his eyes at his captain, who ended up being right once again.
Tags: fandom 5k, fanfic, star trek 2009, star trek tos
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