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Fandom 5K Donor Fic: Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules
Fandom: Being Human UK
Rated: G
Category: Drabble. Humor. Alex, Tom, and Hal.
Series: Five. Post “The Final Broadcast” but pre extra scene.
Spoilers: Nothing specific, but “The Final Broadcast” for the state of our trinity.
Summary: Hal was a vampire for a very long time, you know, and vampires do have their weaknesses.
Disclaimer: Being Human belongs to the wonder that is Toby Whithouse, not me.
Note: This one was all for @little_blu_sta, who represented the UK!


“You can’t sit here all day!” complains Alex.

Hal sighs. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Beside them, Tom groans.

“Give it a rest, Alex!” he says.


Tom shrugs. “Vampires can’t swim.”

Alex rounds on Hal.

“You can’t swim?”

Hal’s expression answers for him, and Alex laughs.

“We’ll teach you!” she says.

Hal looks horrified, and Tom takes pity on him.

“Aw, leave ‘im be. He’s broken enough vampire rules for today.”

“He’s an EX-vampire,” stresses Alex. “But I’ll allow it.”

Hal relaxes, but he knows Alex added “this time” in her head.

And he’s never coming to the beach again.
Tags: being human, fandom 5k, fanfic
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