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My SFX Career

Here there be dragons. Or at least four years of SFX blogs, reviews, and the occasional magazine piece collected in one place. This took a bit of doing, but I'm glad to have it for as long as the links hold up. Thanks to Alasdair for pointing me in the right direction to find all of these, thanks to SFX for letting me play in their sandbox, and thanks for Hels for getting me the gig to begin with. I wish the comments were still preserved, especially for a few very special blogs (like the 2009 fan fiction one), but alas, they have gone to the land of wind and ghosts, much like the SFX Reader Blogger program - may it live on forever in the friendships it forged and the words of its writers.


My First Interview

Serenity NASA

Secretary of Geek Affairs


Dave Prowse

Monster Squad

Fan Fiction

501st Kidney Donation

Movies as Gateways to Books

The Once and Future Trekkie

Geek Holidays

In Semi-Defense of The Phantom Menace

This One's for the Ladies

Wil Wheaton's First Geek Affairs Speech

Browncoats Redemption

Fan Campaigns

G.I. Joe Comics

Browncoats Redemption 2

Morally Ambiguous Star Trek Characters

Wil Wheaton is So Hot Right Now


Free Advertising, Stargate Style

Memories of the Future

Sanctuary Season Two

Horrible Turn

Big Bang Theory

SGU's Life

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas


Firefly Satellite

Changes at the Sanctuary

Danger Mouse

Hot Tub Time Machine

Why I Love Hit-Girl

Invincible Iron Man

Float Out


Redemption Premiere

These Are The Voyages

A Shepherd's Tale


Star Trek Taxonomy

Sanctuary Season Three

Meet the Bloggers

Being Human: Type Four

Being Human: Spoiled!

Being Human: Wolf-Shaped Bullet


The Emotional Cost of Time-Shifted TV

Thundercats Reboot

E.T. Special Edition

Being Human: Death Toll

Being Human: Death Toll 2

Blogbusters: Monsters (Note that all Blogbusters features were compiled by Alasdair Stuart.)

Blogbusters: Terrifying

Geekiest Shows Feature: Galaxy Quest and Fanboys

Farscape: The Way We Weren't

Top 25 Films of the Year Feature: Super 8

Blogbusters: Sob Stories


Why Blu-Rays Days are Numbered

Fifty Best Vampires Feature: Nikola Tesla (44), David (30), and Count Von Count (28)

The Muppets

Star Wars Prequels and Lego

Eureka Season Five

Blogbusters: Your Character

Blogbusters: Avengers Reaction

Blogbusters: Pimp My Ride

Blogbusters: City of Dreams

Blogbusters: Crossovers

Blogbusters: Sci-Fi Music

Blogbusters: Fight Scenes

Blogbusters: Star-Crossed Lovers

Blogbusters: Enemies

Blogbusters: Justice League

Blogbusters: Sidekicks

Blogbusters: Bring Them Back!

Blogbusters: Unloved Heroes

Dragon*Con 2012

Rock Jocks

TNG Reunion at Austin Comic Con

Blogbusters: Time Travel

Blogbusters: Science and Gadgets

Blogbusters: Star Wars Episode VII


Luke > Han

Watching Arrow in a Vaccuum

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D Trickery

Iron Man 3/Extremis

Star Trek Into Darkness Fanservice Faux Pas

I'll Be Your Thor

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The X-Wing Factor

Women of Defiance: The Rosewaters

Women of Defiance: Stahma Tarr

Women of Defiance: The Iraths

Women of Defiance: Minor Characters

Women of Defiance: Doc Yewll

Magazine Bits

Issues containing wabbits appear to have a theme, which is why I'm sharing them here. I've kept said theme to myself for too long, as I think some of you will get a kick out of it. Said theme? Why, cerulean blue is like a gentle breeze, of course. *grin* I have always found this coincidence absolutely wonderful. Of course, the last issue bucks the trend, but it's gorgeous in its own right, so I don't mind.

This one had my first blogger bio blurb: "Laura is a 32-year-old American whose biggest SF interests are Firefly, Stargate of any flavour, Star Wars, The X-Files, and any Star Trek ("except Enterprise," she stresses). Laura also favours the funny side of SF - one of her favourite moves is Shaun of the Dead." (NOTE: I simply hadn't seen Enterprise then. I have now, and it's in the club now too. Love it as much as some Treks and more than others.)

Second bio in this one: Thirty-two-year-old Laura enjoys writing fanfiction, something she's already blogged compellingly about. Her sci-fi love is Firefly ("I stay pretty up-to-date on all things Serenity"), however she also enjoys Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. (EDIT: Gods, I was only thirty-two? Actually, no, I wasn't. Not by the time this was published. But still, that seems so young!)

Third bio here: US-based Laura recently wrote for the site that SG-1's Jack O'Neill is her muse. "Without Jack, I'd never have written my first piece of fanfiction," she confesses. "My world would be a smaller place without my writing, and 'twas Jack that opened that door for me." (EDIT: I find it funny that this little blurb is in the mag with SGU on the cover, as you all know I was not exactly a fan of SGU. Also, if you ever wondered about the prefix on my pen name, well, there you have it.)

Oh, this one. The one I got as a subscriber and also bought in Forbidden Planet in London while I was there in 2009. This one contains my very first piece of paid writing, a write up on Dragon*Con 2009. The article features a good handful of my words as well as a picture of me in my Jedi Chef costume, which fills me with glee. Oh, and the fact that Russell Tovey (my dear George from Being Human) is on the same page? Icing on the cake, my friends. Icing on the cake.

A second Dragon*Con write-up in this one, and I'm pleased as punch that whilst this cover bucks the color trend, it's the second one I'm in that features Harry Potter. This one put me on the same page as Michael Shanks, dearest Daniel of Stargate fame, and featured me as Hit-Girl, so I must say I'm quite fond of it, despite it not being blue. *grin*



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Sep. 18th, 2013 11:33 pm (UTC)
I'm adding this blog entry to my favorites. So much to read that I've missed. :-)
Sep. 19th, 2013 04:28 am (UTC)
Most excellent. :)
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