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New Fic: Reactions

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise
Rated: PG
Category: FutureFic, T’Pol focus. T’Pol angst, T’Pol/OC, Trip/T’Pol (TnT) implied.
Season: Post series.
Spoilers: These Are The Voyages in theory. In my reality, none, but occurs far enough in the future that that thing that didn’t happen in TATV has occurred. Thus, warning for mentioned character death.
Summary: Sometimes, even Vulcans just react.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: Why bicker about who owns what? Can’t we all just live long and prosper?
Note: After much research on the topic, I have come to the conclusion that any information regarding normal Vulcan body temperature is not reliable. Therefore, I’ve done what I suited me. It seems that’s what Star Trek writers do, and it appears that fanon mostly agrees, so here we are.


I didn’t mean to do it.

It was instinct.

All the logic in the world couldn’t have stopped me.

I just reacted.

I can tell he doesn’t understand, despite his own control.

I tell him I am simply not ready, and he accepts this.

He moves on.

I,however, spend my next several meditation sessions attempting to explain my action. At first, I cannot do so. It simply does not make sense. Then, with stunning clarity and when I least expect it, the realization hits me, and I know beyond a doubt why I acted as I did.

I  am forced to conclude that it was the intimate setting that made such a common stimulus have such a pronounced effect, and my emotions flare more than they have a long time. They are short-lived, however, and soon I am myself again.

Understanding gained, I too move on.

I tell myself that next time will be different.

And it is.

Because I am prepared.

Because I manage to suppress my instinct to recoil from the warmth of his Vulcan skin.

Still, I cannot push down the conflicting emotions that briefly surface when he kisses me. Once again I curse the very existence of Trellium-D and its lingering effects on me, for I have no desire to feel this way. I do not understand how I can truly want to move forward with this and yet feel irritation, affection for another, and even grief at this very moment.

Unbidden, a voice in my head tells me that’s a very Human reaction, and I answer it without thought. Perhaps that truly isn’t very Vulcan of me, but I don’t care.

Damn you, Trip Tucker.

Damn your lower body temperature and your ability to soothe me.

And most of all, damn you for dying.


Mal-The Captain
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