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Master Fic List, Continued


Helen, Will


Left for Last** (mild John/Helen)


Any Given Sunday

Sherlock (BBC)

The Bollocks Series
No Guarantees - Mycroft POV; John, Mycroft; Gen.
Family Practice - John; Gen.
Denial - Lestrade POV; Lestrade, Sherlock; Gen.
Encore - Mycroft POV; Mycroft, Anthea; Gen.
Exception to the Rule - Lestrade POV; Lestrade, John, Sherlock; Gen.
Unacceptable - Mycroft POV; Mycroft, John. Gen.
Observer - John POV; Sherlock, John. Gen.
Flawed Theory - John POV; Sherlock, John. Gen.
Addictive Personality - Mycroft POV; Mycroft, Sherlock, John.
Façade - Lestrade POV; Lestrade, Mycroft, Sherlock.
Occupational Hazard - John POV and Focus.
Remembrance – Sherlock POV; Sherlock, John. Gen.
Military Shower - John POV; Sherlock, John. Gen.
Boltholes - John POV; Sherlock, John, Mycroft. Gen.
Inside Joke - Mycroft POV; Sherlock, John, Mycroft. Gen.
Inevitable - Mary POV; Mary, Sherlock; Gen.
Deep Cover - Mary POV; Mary, Sherlock; Gen.
This Little Piggy - Bollocks Version - John POV; John, Sherlock; Gen.


Sherlock, John, Mycroft

Sherlock, John
The Grand Experiment

Stargate Atlantis

Lifelong Lessons
No Regrets

Sheppard, Weir
Red** (Sheppard/Weir, AKA Sparky)

McKay, Sheppard
When Push Comes To Shove
Crossing The Line

First Impression
Nobody Speaks To The Captain No More

Sam, Rodney
Prodigy, Interrupted

Special Duty
Star Pupil

Carson, Weir
Mere Words

Carson, Rodney
The Warden
Cloak Of Comfort

Carson, Madison Miller, Team
Madison’s Moments


Lorne, Ronon
Painting Perspectives

Only One Option** (Some weak implied Sheppard/Weir, perhaps.)

Ronon, Rodney
Rear Guard (features Jeannie, too)
Badge of Honor

Snow Day

Stargate SG-1

Come to the Moon** (I supposed could be construed as very mild Jack/Sam?)
A Little Help
Favorite Scar
One Final Moment, Or Two

Jack, Daniel
Word Play
Up in the Attic
Mother Hen
Reality** (Jack/Daniel established)
Hook, Line, and Sinker
Welcome, Brother
An Unexpected Truth
The End of Ice
To Secrets
Not Alone
Unfit** (references Jack/Sam UST)
A Long Road Home** (Jack/Daniel smarm, tiny hint of Jack/Sam)
Eye Of The Storm
A Way With Words** (Jack/Daniel Pre-Slash)
Time For A Change?** (references Jack/Sam UST)
Digging Up Bones
Take Your Chances
Fire and Ice** (Mild Daniel/Janet Implied, Jack/Daniel Smarm)
Jack’s Promise/Reciprocation
Affirmation** (Mild implied Jack/Sam)
Encore** (Jack/Sam UST)
Jack’s Choice
Something To Hold On To
Ok, Jack?** (Jack/Sam UST)
Two Birds With One Stone** (Mild Jack/Sam UST)
Good Night, Jack

Jack, Sam
She’s Going Out Of My Mind** (Implied Jack/Sam, Implied Jack/Laira)
Point Taken** (Daniel/Vala, Jack/Sam)
Boomerang Love** (Jack/Sam)
Intuition** (Serious Jack/Sam)
Soldiering On** (Perhaps mild implied Jack/Sam)
Double Whammy** (Jack/Sam)
Sometimes** (Jack/Sam or Friendship)
Seasons Change** (Meant to be Jack/Sam, but open to interpretation)
Blindsided** (Jack/Sam)
Who’s The Blonde Stranger?** (Jack/Sam)
Love In Decline** (Jack/Sam)
Gut Feeling
Coast of Carolina** (Jack/Sam)
Skin Deep** (Possible Pre-Jack/Sam)
Dismissal** (Jack/Sam UST)
When The Wild Life Betrays Me** (Jack/Sam - Sam Angst)
La Vie Dansant** (Jack/Sam UST to R)
Ragtop Day** (Mild implied Jack/Sam)
Grace’s Drabbles** (Jack/Sam)
Denial** (Jack/Sam)
Two Words** (Jack/Sam)
Taking Advantage** (Jack/Sam UST)
No Witnesses** (Dark Jack/Sam)
Foundations** (Jack/Sam)
Jack O’Neill, Fearless Leader** (Jack/Sam UST)
Gone Finished Dead** (Jack/Sam UST)

Jack, Burke
Full Circle

Jack, Teal’c
Solo Trip
A Literary Surprise
Victory and Loss

Jack, Vala

Worth Every Minute
Transfer Student

Law of Averages
Sleeping In
Illusion** (References the ideas of Jack/Sam and Sam/Teal'c)
Unsung Heroes
Cutting The Night
Delicious/Just Desserts/Bittersweet** (All mildly reference Daniel/OC, with serious Sam component.)
Life Goes On** (Jack/Sam, Sam/Martouf, Martouf/Jolinar, Team)
Adrenaline** (Jack/Sam "Friendship Plus")

Sam, Cassie
Just Reward

Delayed Reaction** (Can be interpreted as Daniel/Janet)

Sam, Teal’c
Acceptance/Second Fiddle** (Sam/Teal'c, Jack/Sam Implied, Teal'c/Other Implied.)
Safe Harbor** (Sam/Teal'c)
A Friend Indeed** (Sam/Teal'c)

Teal’c, Cassie
More Alike Than Different


All Grown Up
The Strength Of Your Faith

Daniel, Landry
Original Addiction

Daniel, Vala
Oz Revealed
Ghosts** (Daniel/Vala, Daniel/Janet, Daniel/Sha're)
Point Taken** (Daniel/Vala, Jack/Sam)

Logic of the River

Daniel, Janet
A Surprising Gesture** (Daniel/Janet)
Fire and Ice** (Mild Daniel/Janet Implied, Jack/Daniel Smarm)

Daniel, OC
Peppity-Bismol Love** (Daniel/OC)
Delicious/Just Desserts/Bittersweet** (All mildly reference Daniel/OC, with serious Sam component.)

Holding On** (Jack/Sam)

Acceptable Risk** (Mild Jack/Sam, Team, including minor characters like Siler and Walter)

Equal Opportunity
Culinary Cabaret
Covert Operations
Most Useful Indeed
Unintentional Consequences
Specialized Vocabulary
Better Luck Next Time
Command Decisions** (Mild Jack/Sam, Mild Daniel/Janet)
Ringer** (Mild Daniel/Janet)
Acceptable Risk** (Mild Jack/Sam with strong Jack/Daniel Friendship)
Family Tree
A Game To Remember** (Jack/Sam UST)
Just Another Day** (Implied mild Jack/Sam)

Delicious/Just Desserts/Bittersweet** (All mildly reference Daniel/OC, with serious Sam component.)
Acceptable Risk**/A Long Road Home**/Intuition** (Mild Jack/Sam with strong Jack/Daniel Frienship, Jack/Daniel Smarm, Jack/Sam, respectively.)

Star Trek 2009

Kirk, Bones
Role Reversal

Rule Breaker

Spock, Scotty
His Cross To Bear

Star Trek Enterprise

Trip, Archer
Speaking His Mind** (Implied Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT)

Reactions** (Implied Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT; T'Pol/OC.)
Ocean Front Property** (Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT if you wish.)

T’Pol, Phlox
Worrywart** (Implied Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT)

Trip, T'Pol
It’s Not Easy Being Green
Scentsations** (Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT)
Do the Math** (Trip/T'Pol, AKA TnT)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

A Matter of Taste

Star Trek Voyager

Paris, Rain
Remember** (Implied Paris/Rain)

Star Wars

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO
Breaking Protocol

Han, Leia, Chewie
Not Half Bad* (Established Han/Leia)

Happily Ever After, Now and Then

The General and The Lieutenant

Poe Dameron, Luke Skywalker

Obi-Wan, Bail Organa, EU/Legends Universe
That's What Friends Are For* (Slight implied Obi-Wan/Other)

Obi-Wan, Luke, Anakin
Deja Vu

Obi-Wan (Clone Wars, OT)

Folklore* (Mild Obi-Wan/Satine, AKA Obitine)
Piece of the Past* (Mild Obi-Wan/Satine, AKA Obitine)

Obi-Wan (Star Wars Rebels)
Night Terror

A Literal Lesson

Ben Solo
Because Reasons

Owen, Luke, Beru
Universal Constant

Stranger Things

Entire Party
Master Plan
The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Steve, Dustin
Manic Monday

Robin, Steve
The Hangover
Unalienable Right
A Matter of Perspective

Max, Eleven

Hopper, Nancy Wheeler
Unlikely Hero


Hopper, Eleven
Irrefutable Evidence
Experimental Treatment
Learning Curve
Fast Tracked

The X-Files

Scully, Mulder
Everyday X-File

Crossovers: Stargate Atlantis/SG-1

Rodney, Daniel
Birds of a Feather

Carson, Lam
Ghost Runner

Carson, Daniel
A Slice of Normalcy

Crossovers: Stargate SG-1/MacGyver

Jack, Burke, Mac, Jack Dalton
Demonic Duo

Crossovers: Star Trek Enterprise/Star Trek TOS

Love in the Library

Trip, T'Pol, Spock
Famous Last Words** (Implied Trip/T'Pol, AKA TNT)

Surprise Characters
Age of Accountability** (Two canon couples referenced.)

Crossovers: Iron Man/Batman

Surprise Characters
The Waiting Game

Crossovers: Avengers/X-Men

Iron Man, Wolverine
Animal Research

Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Storm, Hawkeye, Professor X
The Little Things

Crossovers: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/The X-Files

Mulder, Scully, Captain Hammer, Pink Pummeler
Real Villains Wear Pink

Crossovers: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog/How I Met Your Mother

Bad Horse,Barney Stinson

Crossovers: Dexter's Laboratory/Godzilla

Dexter, Dee Dee, and a Friend

Crossovers: Fringe/The Mighty Ducks

Peter, Olivia, Ella
Out of the Mouths of Babes

Holiday Fic

Christmas Carols: The 2007 Challenge Series
Candles of Remembrance: SGA, Rodney, Jeannie
Spring: SG-1, Laira
Snowflakes and Snowmen: SG-1, Sam
A Holly Jolly Bit Of Hell: SG-1, Jack
A Day Of Sledding: SG-1, Jack, Teal’c
Three Wise Men: SGA, Sam, Rodney, Radek, Lee
Angels Among Us: SG-1, Daniel Backstory
Scottish Surprise: SGA, Carson, Team
Here We Come A’Caroling: SG-1, Team
Tinsel: Not Just For Decoration: SG-1, Daniel
A Letter To Santa: SG-1, Jack
Sweet Tooth: SG-1, Jack, Daniel
Secret Santa: SG-1, Daniel
Mistletoe Moment: SG-1, Jack, Cassie
Elfin Magic: SG-1, Jack, Cassie, Team
Bait And Switch: SG-1, Jack, Daniel
Playing Santa: MacGyver, Pete, Mac, Jack
Lost In Translation: SG-1, Sara Gardner, Team
Guardian Angel: SG-1, Jack
Solitary Dancer: SGA, Sam** (Can be construed as mild Jack/Sam.)
Guiding Light: SG-1, Open Character Focus
Improvisation: SGA, Teyla
Animal Encounters: SG-1, Jack, Team
Dietary Indiscretion: SG-1, Jack, Team

Random 2008 Holiday Fics
Holiday Hazard: SG-1, Jack and Daniel
Ice Cold Envy: SG-1, Jack
Ghosts of Patients Past: SGA, Carson and Rodney

Random 2009 Holiday Fics
Memories Not Made: SGA, Carson/Teyla
Best Christmas Ever: SG-1, Team
Cliché: Farscape, John/Aeryn

Random 2010 Holiday Fics
And to All a Goa'uld Night: SG-1, Jack, Cassie, and Teal'c Friendship
An Innocent Mistake: Star Trek Enterprise, Trip/T’Pol**, Trip/Archer Friendship
The Red and The Green: Star Trek Enterprise, Trip Angst, Malcolm/Hoshi Friendship

Christmas Carols Redux: The 2011 Challenge Series
Revenging Angel: SG-1, Daniel.
Game Changer: SG-1, Team with Sam Focus
Comfort in the Familiar: SG-1, Teal’c
Surprising Scrooge: SG-1, Team with Jack Focus
Freezing Point Depression: SGA, McShep Friendship
Who Does That?Eureka, Vincent POV
Alternate Lyrics: SG-1, Cassie
Stranger Than Fiction: SG-1, Daniel POV featuring Sam and Vala
No Substitute: SG-1, Jack
Litmus Test: Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny
Thin Ice: SG-1, Jack.
Faker: SG-1, Daniel.
Perspective: Sanctuary, Will.
Crackers Don’t Matter: Firefly, River and Mal.
Payback: Farscape, John.
A Daniel Jackson Christmas: SG-1, Daniel.
The Things We Do for Love: SG-1, Jack.
Road Trip: SG-1, Team with Jack Focus.
An Acquired Skill: SG-1, Jack.
Pack Rat: SG-1, Jack and Teal’c.
Better Safe Than Sorry: Being Human UK, Gen.
Lost and Found: Being Human UK, Gen.
As It Should Be: Star Trek Voyager, J/C** Implied.
Word Play II: SG-1, Team.

Not-Quite Christmas Carols Redux: The 2012 Challenge Series (Not all are holiday fic - those that are are marked.)
Good Enough: SG-1, Jack and Teal’c.
Justice is Served: SG-1, Team.
Cerulean: SG-1, Team.
Damaged: SG-1, Jacob. (Holiday fic.)
Karma: SG-1, Jack. (Holiday fic.)
Miracle: SG-1, Jack. (Holiday fic.)
Rookie Mistake: SG-1, Jack. (Holiday fic.)
Revisions: SG-1, Jack, Janet, and Cassie. (Holiday fic.)
The Clothes Make the Man: SG-1, Jack, Sam, and Daniel. Sam/Jack** (Holiday fic.)
Just Smile and Nod: SG-1, Teal'c. (Holiday fic.)
Indebted: SG-1, Sam.
Payback: SG-1, Daniel. (Holiday fic.)
That Time of the Month: SG-1, Hammond. (Somewhat of a holiday fic.)
Parental Punishment: SG-1, Janet. (Somewhat of a holiday fic.)
Tongue Twister: SG-1, Daniel. (Somewhat of a holiday fic.)
Siler's Night, SG-1: Siler. (Real world holiday fic.)
Curriculum Jocosum: SG-1, Daniel.
Carry On: SG-1, Jack.
Santa's Not-So-Little Helpers: SG-1, Team. (Holiday fic.)
Not Quite Right: SG-1, Jack and Daniel. (Mild holiday fic.)
Mother Knows Best: SG-1, Jack, Cassie, and Daniel.
It's Different with Your Own: SG-1, Janet.
Kung-Fu Fighting: SG-1, Team. (Holiday fic.)

Random 2013 Holiday Fics
I Got You a Present: SG-1, Open Character Focus.
Oversight: SGA, Sheppard.
Precision: SG-1, Jack and Cassie.
Holiday Healing: SG-1, Jack.

Not Quite Christmas Carols Redux III: The 2014 Challenge Series (Not all are holiday fic - those that are are marked.)
Tissue Alert: SG-1, Jack and Cassie Friendship.
Just Your Imagination: SG-1, Teal'c.
Bulldozers: SG-1, Jack, Sara, and Charlie family fic. (Holiday fic.)
Unfair: SG-1, Jack, Sam. Gen. Humor.
Going Backward: SG-1, Team. Gen. Humor.
Membership: SG-1, Team. Gen.
The Ways of the Warriors: SG-1, Gen. Humor. Teal'c with some Jack.
Doctor's Orders: SG-1, Gen. Sam and Janet friendship.
Eruption: SG-1, Jack/Sam** from an outsider POV.
Cliches: SG-1, Jack/Sam**, but nothing overt.
Unwilling Accomplice: SG-1, Gen. Daniel and Teal'c Friendship.
Definition: Scorpion, Gen. Paige POV.
Quitter's Remorse: SG-1, Gen. Sam POV.
Unjust Reward: Iron Man, Gen. Tony and Pepper being Tony and Pepper.
Mission of Mercy: SG-1, Gen. Jack and Kawalsky friendship, humor. (Holiday fic.)
Double Entendre: SG-1, Gen. Daniel and Teal'c friendship, humor.
Says Who?: SG-1, Gen. Landry POV, humor.
True Colors: SG-1, Jack and Sam friendship.
Involuntary Association: SG-1, Jack & Sam light ship (open to interpretation), Jack & Daniel friendship. (Holiday fic.)
Questing: SG-1, (though could be many), you decide the character.
Priorities: SG-1, Gen. Hammond.
Calming Rituals: SG-1, Gen. Cassie.
Not an Artifact, but It May as Well Be: Warehouse 13, Gen. Myka.
Blue Christmas: SG-1, Gen. Daniel and Jack Friendship. (Holiday Fic in timeframe only.)

Solstice Stories: The 2016 Challenge Series (Not all are holiday fic - those that are are marked.)
Kindred Spirits: Fringe/Limitless Crossover, Olivia and Rebecca Friendship. (Holiday fic.)
Just the Facts: Avengers, Coulson and Natasha Friendship.
Cherished: Star Wars, Gen, Luke Focus. (Holiday Fic - sort of.)
Holiday Reprieve: Fringe/Limitless Crossover, Both Teams, Gen. (Holiday fic.)
Classic: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Coulson and May Friendship/slightly Philinda implied.
Peace on Earth - Briefly: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Gen, Team. (Mild holiday fic.)
That's About Right: Farscape, Gen, Crew. (Mild holiday fic.)
This Litte Piggy: Sherlock, Gen. John, Sherlock, and Molly. (Mild holiday fic.)
Stupid Hormones: Firefly, Gen to very light Mal/OFC ship.
Worth It: Star Wars, Gen, Luke Focus.
Lost in Translation: Star Trek Enterprise, Gen, Malcom and Trip.
Full Frontal: Fringe, Mild Peter/Olivia.
Because Reasons: Avengers, Gen, Team with Clint Focus. (Mild holiday fic.)
Inevitable: Star Wars, Gen, Ewoks.
Scratch That: Stargate SG-1, Gen, Sam Focus.
With Friends Like These: Star Wars, Gen, Minor Characters. ROGUE ONE.
Village Idiot: Stargate Atlantis, Gen, Carson Focus/POV.
Constant: Avengers, Gen, Cap/Steve Focus.
Memento: Star Wars, Gen. ROGUE ONE.
Watchdog: Star Wars, Gen. ROGUE ONE.
Craving: Firefly, Gen. Mal Focus.
Improvised: Sherlock, Gen.
Being Tony Stark: Iron Man, Gen, Friendship.
Double Checking: Sherlock, Gen, Family.

A Stranger Solstice: The Tenth Anniversary Challenge Series (Not all are holiday fic - those that are are marked.)
Hand-Me-Downs: Stranger Things, Gen, Entire Party (Holiday Fic).
Warning Shot: Stranger Things, Gen, Entire Party.
Personal Reasons: Stranger Things, Gen, Dustin.
Hideaway: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.
Weekly Tradition: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.
Mixed Blessing: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper.
Elephant in the Room: Stranger Things, Family, humor, Jopper** implied. Jonathan focus.
Be Prepared (Stranger Things): Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.
Like Riding a Bike: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven (Holiday Fic).
A Certain Point of View: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven with a side of Mike (Holiday Fic).
Keep It Simple: Stranger Things, Gen, Entire Party.
Model Student: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.
Stand Your Ground: Stranger Things, Gen, Max.
Lessons Learned: Stranger Things, Gen, Humor, Hopper.
Monday Morning Magic: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper.
Words Matter: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.
Triggered: Stranger Things, Gen, Entire Party.
Repurposed: Stranger Things, Gen, Will and Eleven (Holiday Fic).
More Than Meets the Eye: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper.
Defense Mechanism: Stranger Things, Hopper, Will and Eleven. Family, Mild Jopper Angst.**
Twofer: Stranger Things, Gen, Max and Eleven, Implied Mild Jopper.**
True Sight: Stranger Things, Gen, Flo. Implied Mild Jopper** (Holiday Fic).
Safe Space: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven (Holiday Fic).
Refrain: Stranger Things, Jopper (Holiday Fic).**
Word of the Day: Stranger Things, Gen, Hopper and Eleven.


Nominated Fic: A Little Help

SGFA 2008 Button
Nominated Fics: Ghosts**, Command Decisions**, A Game To Remember**, No Regrets, Acceptable Risk**, A Long Road Home**, Pallbearers, Madison’s Moments, Painting Perspectives, Rear Guard, Homecoming (R), Just Another Day**(R), Something To Hold On To (R), Full Circle (R), Favorite Scar (R), Purgatory (R), A Way With Words** (R), Eye Of The Storm (R), She’s Going Out Of My Mind** (R), Seasons Change** (R), When Push Comes To Shove (R), Crossing The Line (R), Holiday Hazard (R), Victory and Loss (R) (R=removed by author)

Winner - Best SG-1 Gen Team Angst: A Game To Remember

Winner - Best SG-1 Gen Jack/Daniel Angst: A Long Road Home

Winner - Best SG-1 Gen Team Drama: Command Decisions

Honorable Mention - Best SGA Gen Other Character Drama: Madison's Moments

Nominated Fics: Acceptance, Cloak Of Comfort, Coast of Carolina**, Fire and Ice**, Homecoming, Jack’s Choice, Just Another Day**, Life Goes On**, Something To Hold On To, Take Your Chances, Full Circle (removed at author request).

SGFA Banner 2007 Acceptance
Winner-Best Sam/Other Ship: Acceptance

2006 Jackfic Noms
Nominated Fics: Two Birds With One Stone-Best Jack Friendship; Gone. Finished. Dead.-Best Jack Vignette

Best Drabble: Whedonland Drabble Prompt Contest - Cold Blooded

NRFTW Award Banner 1
Nominated Fic: Deal Breaker

NRFTW Award Runner Up
Runner Up-Best Drabble: Deal Breaker

Blue Ray Winner Banner
Winner: Hidden Talent. With thanks to the crew-you know who you are.

Horrible Awards Hammer Nom Pic
Nominated Fic: Smile For The Cameras, Addiction, Actions Speak Louder Than Acting, Playing His Part
Nominated Creation (with lemonpiefirefly): The Captain Hammer and Doctor Horrible Terrify'n Space Monkeys!

Horrible Awards Runner Up Backstory
Runner Up-Back Backstory: Smile For The Cameras

Horrible Awards Best Minor Character Fic Banner
Winner-Best Minor Character Fic: Playing His Part

Horrible Awards Best Short
Winner-Best Short: Actions Speak Louder Than Acting

Horrible Awards Fandon Winner
Winner-Best Fandom Supporter (shared all around)

Large eventually-to-be-shared-but-as-yet-untitled Fanfic.

NaNo Ship Icon
Original Fiction: Ashes To Ashes, which is likely to stay just mine.
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