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Star Wars Meme, Day Six

6 - Favorite Planet

Oh, another one I don't have to think about! Sweet! Dagobah. Yes, I have a favorite planet, and though Endor is lovely and home to my favorite species, and Hoth is special to me because I rocked a sweet (borrowed) card deck based there when I played the card game back in college*, I was always aligned light side, and as such my characters received bonus force points when on or around Dagobah. (Unlike Hoth, which required me to play dark side to win, as I had General Veers and he gets some serious leveling up there - duh.) Thus, I became enamored of it. Plus, it's so alive. It's strong in the Force in its own right. Yoda hid there because it masked his presence. The cave is its own magic place. It was host to many of my favorite lines of dialogue from the entire trilogy. Plus, it brought us Yoda, the snarkiest Jedi Master of them all. Yeah, Dagobah just rules the 'verse, my friends. I probably wouldn't want to live there, but it's a hell of a place to visit. Yup, Dagobah.

There's a reason I put a green bauble behind Yoda on the tree this year, you know... *grin*

1 - Favorite Character
2 - Favorite Movie of the Original Trilogy
3 - Favorite Movie of the Prequel Trilogy
4 - Favorite Relationship
5 - Favorite Species
6 - Favorite Planet
7 - Most Powerful Quote
8 - Best Scene: A New Hope
9 - Best Scene: The Empire Strikes Back
10 - Best Scene: Return of the Jedi
11 - Best Scene: The Phantom Menace
12 - Best Scene: Attack of the Clones
13 - Best Scene: Revenge of the Sith
14 - A moment that breaks your heart
15 - A character you wish was in the saga more
16 - Favorite Villain
17 - Funniest Scene
18 - Favorite Duo/Friendship
19 - Favorite Battle
20 - Jedi or Sith

*The only time I consistently played a card game was my junior/senior years of college. I frequented a local comic store. I used to ride my bike there and search for anything X-Files and back issues of G.I. Joe I was then missing, but I couldn't afford anything else. So, I was a small-time customer. Still, as some of you know, I'll talk to anyone, and I soon struck up a friendship with the store owner. After he got established (it was a new store), he started opening up the back room (it smelled like old comics, and it was marvelous) on Saturday mornings for gaming. The favored game at the time was Magic and its spin-offs. Not so much with tabletop RPGs and such. Therefore, we played Magic some, but mostly, we played the Star Wars card game. This was right around the time the special editions came out in the theater and we were all waving our very-much-not-as-cool-as-the-ones-they-make-now lightsabers around in dark theaters on release weekends and snapping up action figures again like we had in our childhoods**, so there really was no other choice, you see. I bought a few starter decks, but you know how starter decks are. You can play with them, but you'll never be competitive. My best card was a Han character card, but I didn't have enough cards to build a proper deck and couldn't afford more. Enter another player. The guy who taught me the ropes more than my then-n00b self could have done on her own AND who loaned me decks to play with. His best deck was a Cloud City, and he played with that most days, but his next-best was his Hoth deck, and though it was hard for me to play Imperial, I did it so that I wouldn't be wiped off the table in the first round. I don't remember that guy's name, or frankly if I ever knew it (it is quite possible I did not), but I'm grateful for his help. Oh, but we had fun those Saturday mornings in the back room of the comic shop getting our geek on in the best possible way.

**I took a then Star Wars virgin to those special editions. She, unlike most who do not see the Wars until adulthood, quite loved them. And as I was poor but splurged on a few action figures at the time (okay, every Luke they made - shut up!), I was desperately craving a Yoda, who was, as always, very hard to get. This virgin found one in a Wal-Mart in a tiny town miles and miles away, and she got it for me. Now, that's gratitude for ya! :D


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