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Star Wars Meme, Day Four

4-Favorite Relationship

Since this phrase is usually intended to mean a romantic pairing, there is, of course, only one choice: Han and Leia. If I interpret it in a general way, then Luke and Vader (you know, the entire point of the trilogy) take center stage, or for that matter, the great triumvirate of Luke, Leia, and Han is up there, too, but let's face it: The romantic subplot in Star Wars is a pretty damn good one, so I'm giving it its due here.*

Also, how did I not know these exist? The fact that they're adjustable (yes, some aren't, and are better quality, but there's a reason I picked this pic - patience!) just rocks, because then, partners could swap them based on if we're talking Empire or Jedi, where the famous lines are reversed. Love!

And the moment he gets it is just too precious for words.

*Though I must confess to actually caring a whole lot more about Luke and Mara Jade overall/in the books, because while Han and Leia were a forgone conclusion, Luke and Mara very much were not, and I sure enjoyed their journey. Hell, for that matter, I enjoyed Luke and Callista while that lasted I even outlined a book idea for those two when I was in college. But I digress. I'm trying to stick with the films for the purposes of this meme, though, so I'm sticking with Han and Leia. There is at least one question that will  require a book answer, but I'm trying to avoid it where I can! Being a purist and all that. *grin*

1 - Favorite Character
2 - Favorite Movie of the Original Trilogy
3 - Favorite Movie of the Prequel Trilogy
4 - Favorite Relationship
5 - Favorite Species
6 - Favorite Planet
7 - Most Powerful Quote
8 - Best Scene: A New Hope
9 - Best Scene: The Empire Strikes Back
10 - Best Scene: Return of the Jedi
11 - Best Scene: The Phantom Menace
12 - Best Scene: Attack of the Clones
13 - Best Scene: Revenge of the Sith
14 - A moment that breaks your heart
15 - A character you wish was in the saga more
16 - Favorite Villain
17 - Funniest Scene
18 - Favorite Duo/Friendship
19 - Favorite Battle
20 - Jedi or Sith


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Jan. 25th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC)
i like they hand & leia relationship too. i think it's interesting that in the middle of this sci-fi epic, there's a romance snuck in.

BTW i did the meme over here;
Jan. 25th, 2013 07:56 am (UTC)
Oh, there's always a romance in there. Look at The Matrix. Lord of the Rings. Anything. It's part of any plot, regardless of genre. This is definitely not unique to Star Wars at all.

And I'll check your answers out later! ;)
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