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New Fic: Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG-13.
Category: Gen. Jack, Daniel, and Cassie featured.
Season:  Early.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Cassie’s got an interesting question.
Word Count: 840.
Note: Written for the 2012 Ancient Obsessions Advent Prompt: Virgin. (Not holiday fic.)


Jack O’Neill poked his head into Daniel’s office, clearly looking for the archeologist.

When he found him at his desk, Jack smiled and walked into the room.

Daniel looked up and nodded. “Hey, Jack. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” said Jack, with an exaggerated shrug.

Daniel raised his eyebrows at Jack, not buying that for a minute.

“Nothing?” he asked.

Jack grinned. “Well, it’s just that Cassie had a question for you, is all.”

Daniel looked confused. “Cassie?”

“Oh, she’ll be along in a minute,” said Jack. “Stopped off at the bathroom.”

“I see,” said Daniel. “And she has a question for me.”

“Well, that depends,” said Jack.

Daniel looked even more confused. “On what?”

Just then, Cassandra Fraiser skipped into the office.

“Daniel!” she greeted.

“Hi, Cass,” said Daniel. “I hear you have a question for me?”

Cassie bounded over to Daniel and plunked herself down in his lap.

“Yep,” she said, sounding like Jack.

“Well?” prompted Daniel.

“Uncle Jack says you’re an expert on words,” said Cassie.

Daniel grinned. “Well, yes,” he said, all false  modesty.

“So,” said Cassie, “he said I should ask you my question. I don’t think he knew the answer.”

Daniel tried valiantly not to grin wider, but he failed miserably. He stole a glance at Jack, but his CO was suddenly very interested in one of Daniel’s degrees on the wall.

“Fire away, Cass,” said Daniel after a moment.

Cassie beamed and Daniel reached for his coffee cup, taking a slow sip just as Cassie spoke.

“What’s a virgin?”

Daniel choked on his coffee but somehow managed not to spew it all over the child in his lap. After a moment of sputtering, he turned to Jack, who was biting his lip but hadn’t made a sound. He glared at the older man, but his look bounced right off.

“What?” asked Cassie. “Is that a bad word or something?”

Daniel shook his head and focused on Cassie again. “No, sweetie. It’s not a bad word. It’s just that, um… well… it’s, um…”

Daniel trailed off and looked back up at Jack. Jack merely waved and stepped toward the door. He wagged his eyebrows at Daniel once, then spoke to Cassie.

“Cass, I’m going to go check on your mom, okay? See if she and Sam are done in the lab yet.”

“Okay,” answered Cassie, unaware of the silent conversation going on around her.

Daniel gave Jack a disbelieving look and watched him go, incapable of words for a moment. Eventually, he was brought back to the subject at hand by Cassie.

“Well?” asked Cassie.

Daniel blinked. “Well what?” he asked, hoping Cassie would change the subject.

He had no such luck. “What’s a virgin, then? Uncle Jack said you would know, and if it’s not a bad word, tell me what it means.”

Daniel opened his mouth, then closed it again.

“It’s when, um…” Daniel started, then trailed off. After a second, he started again. “It means inexperienced. That’s all.”

“So, a virgin is like a beginner at something?” asked Cassie.

Daniel nodded. “Yeah. Something like that.”

“Oh. Okay,” said Cassie, satisfied for the moment but still wondering what all the fuss was about. She was thinking hard on that, and it showed in her expression. That worried Daniel.

Suddenly, he clapped his hands together. “Tell you what. Why don’t we go find your mom?” he said, and before Cassie could ask for more clarification, he continued on. “That way, if she is done in the lab, you can get your things from the infirmary so you can head home. Isn’t your favorite TV show on tonight? You wouldn’t want to miss it. Come on. I know she and Sam only had a few things left to do on their simulation.”

Cassie shrugged. “Okay,” she said.

Daniel sighed inwardly as Cassie hopped off his lap and trotted out the door. He followed her knowing he’d dodged a bullet, because if there was one thing he knew about Cassandra Fraiser, it’s that she wouldn’t believe his explanation for long. Not with both he and Jack responding to it as they did. He knew she’d be suspicious and that this topic would come up again. She’d either hit up a dictionary and then proudly proclaim Daniel to be wrong over dinner one night or she’d ask her mom for more info. Either option was fine by him - as long as he didn’t have to talk about this anymore right now.

Of course, he’d give Janet fair warning that it might be time to have some serious heart-to-heart conversations with Cassie. That was more than Jack had done for him, but that was beside the point. He’d get even with Jack later. For now, he was just glad to get out of the conversation.

Because word expert or not, there were some conversations he simply wasn’t prepared to have.

And besides, this was one case where the old sayings were true.

Discretion really is often the better part of valor, and sometimes, mother really does know best.


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