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Save The Wetlands...Please?

So, today was the first day I truly felt obliged to wear a hat and gloves on my daily hike.  Brr!  But it reminded me of a day not long ago when I took some photos of a new trail I discovered.  Since I finally figured out a way to dump them off my phone, here we are.

Boundary flags like this one border this trail, much to my surprised delight:

And you find a lot of things like this:

And this:

And even this:

And its fallen friend:

There are a few signs of humans:

Which are fun to try out:

Especially if your friends love hide and seek:

Even if they tell everyone once they've found you (she is part Coonhound, you know):

The trail is nice:

There's enough water for everyone:

The sun's not too harsh:

There's rocks to climb, if you're so inclined (I'm proud of this one):

All in all, it's a quite lovely place.  (cue the music, please)

Here's Jimmy Buffett (duh) touring a bigger, better wetland after picking up a new board while on a road trip in his veggie mobile.  It's set to one of my favorite Jimmy songs of all time, even if it's a newer one.  Hope you enjoy.

Happy sigh...
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