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New Fic: An Acquired Skill

An Acquired Skill
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG
Category: Gen. Jack POV.
Season: Any.
Spoilers: Charlie.
Summary: In my job, there’s a saying: see one, do one, teach one. Same applies here.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: Just playing in the gateroom. Don’t mind me.
Note: Written for the 2011 Ancient Obsessions Advent Series. December 17 was somehow skipped, so this is my own prompt: gift wrap.


I probably should’ve stepped in sooner, but you know how it is these days.

A strange old man offering to help a kid isn’t always interpreted kindly.

But I couldn’t let him keep struggling.

Especially since his task required more dexterity than his gloves allowed and it was crazy cold out that day.

By the time I decided to bite the bullet and walk over there, it was obvious his hands were numb, and he’d used up half a roll of tape. Actually, he was well on his way to finishing the whole thing off, and he’d only managed to make a mess of things.

That’s understandable.

I mean, there’s a trick to it. A trick most eight-year-olds can’t see without being shown.

Fortunately, once they see it, they usually get it.

It takes a little practice to get it just right, but Lord knows I’ve had plenty of that.

So I showed him. He gave me a funny look at first (especially when I trashed his efforts and restarted at the beginning) but he let me help, and if the conversation I overheard the other day is any indication, he figured it out just fine.

His slightly stuttering voice floated out of a pack of kids at the park as I walked by, and I had no doubt he was demonstrating his new skill.

“First, you do the knob, like this. Make it as big as you want. Then do the ropey part. Then cover it all up.”

I kept walking, but I smiled. It was bittersweet, because the last kid I taught that trick to is long gone, but I’m still glad I helped.

After all, somebody had to.

Because seriously, what kind of parent doesn’t know that you gift wrap a hockey stick after you give it?


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