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New Fic: Litmus Test

Litmus Test
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rated: PG
Category: Harry/Ginny. Humor. Harry POV.
Spoilers: Order of the Phoenix, general knowledge. Set post-Deathly Hallows but pre-Epilogue.
Summary: Sometimes the simplest tests are still the best.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: Accio, Copyrights! Oh, darn. Wand backfired. Well, it was worth a shot.
Note: Written for the 2011 Ancient Obsessions December 11 Advent Prompt: Mistletoe.


Last time I kissed a girl under some mistletoe, she was a fantasy.

All schoolboy crush and no substance.

Because let's face it, no matter how much I thought it would work, Cho and I were never going to last.

She was part of the popular crowd, and like it or not, even with my so-called stardom, I wasn't.

I mean, my best friends in school were a dork and a nerd.

Come to think of it, that hasn’t changed.

That says something about me.

And that something is that the popular crowd just isn't me.

So frankly I have no idea how I ended up here, kissing another girl - a super hot girl, for that matter - under another sprig of mistletoe.

I just can’t believe this is happening, and though I try to hold on to that and live in the moment, my mind flashes back to that fateful day long ago at Hogwart's and before I know it, I chuckle just slightly.

Ginny hears me and pulls back to give me a funny look.

"What was that for?" she asks.

I shrug. "Just a funny thought," I answer.

She gives me the eyebrow, and I know I need to choose my next words carefully. After a moment of indecision, I settle on the simplest answer, which is actually just one word.

"Nargles," I say, and point upward, more than a bit nervous about her reaction.

Ginny is quiet a moment, and my nervousness reaches epic proportions. Then she laughs. And I mean really laughs. It’s a happy laugh. It’s not mean-spirited at all. I can’t help but join her, and suddenly I realize my nervousness is gone.

Just as suddenly, I realize something else.

This is no schoolboy crush.

Oh, no. Not at all.

This one's a keeper.


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Dec. 12th, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
Awww. Yay!
Dec. 13th, 2011 12:53 pm (UTC)
Ironically, I don't really care for Harry/Ginny, but this prompt stumped me, as I've already done SG-1 and Star Trek stories here. I thought about Farscape, but it was more of the same. I have a firm grasp on the fact that there's nothing new under the sun, but I still don't want to write the same fic over and over.

Thus, my mistletoe fics are Jack watching Cassie under it, T'Pol actually eating it, and one with Nargles. I do try to think of something at least a little different. ;)

Thanks as always, my dear.
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