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New Fic: Suprising Scrooge

Surprising Scrooge
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG
Category: Friendship. Humor. Team. Jack POV.
Season: Any, but likely post-two and pre-six in my mind.
Spoilers: General Knowledge Only.
Summary: Some people might think of Jack as a bit of a Scrooge, but he’s got other ideas.
Word Count: 742
Disclaimer: Just playing in the gateroom. Don’t mind me.
Note: Written for the 2011 Ancient Obsessions December 4 Advent Prompt: A Christmas Carol.


You know, it’s funny.

This time of year, I think a lot of people see me as a bit of a Scrooge.

Oh, how wrong they are.

I’m not Scrooge. Not by a long shot. I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past. No question. That’s why I’m sitting here drinking whiskey and watching old movies that my son used to love with a bittersweet smile on my face - because I’ve gotten to the point that reminiscing isn’t so painful anymore. Charlie’s loss will always hurt, but I can have his pictures out now, and sometimes I can even hold on to the good days. December is usually one of those times, so I spend a lot of time in my head around the holidays, and my daydreams are always of days long ago. So, like I said, Ghost of Christmas Past.

Now, T? The next likeliest Scrooge candidate by reputation? Bah! No humbug, just bah! No way! Teal’c might be the serious one, but he loves Christmas as much as the next hundred and something year old kid. He might keep it on the down-low, but there’s no question Earth holidays amuse him to no end, and I see him as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. After all, it’s nice to think that when we’re long gone and he’s still kicking around the galaxy, he’ll spare a thought for us silly humans this time of year. Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come indeed.

Next up is Carter, Little Miss Practical herself. She lives in a very different world than the rest of us, so I suppose some might think of her as a Scrooge.  She might forget Christmas even existed if she had a hot simulation going. I can’t even think about that without getting confused, but I can see how some might see that as downright Grinchy. But no. Carter’s the Ghost of Christmas Present. After all, I’ve never seen her not buy gifts at the last minute. Living in the moment because she forgot all about the holidays? That’s Carter. As crazy as it seems that a woman that together in her professional life can be so scatter-brained at home, it’s true. But she dances with the best of ‘em once she gets to the party, so I’m sticking with Ghost of Christmas Present.

That leaves Daniel, excitement personified. The one person on my team that most would view as a holiday freak. After all, he loves religion, and celebrations and festivals are his thing, right? So you’d think Christmas would be right up his alley. But you’d be wrong. Of the four of us, Daniel is so Scrooge. Now, don’t get me wrong. Like T, Daniel puts up a good front. He smiles and nods and says the right words at the right times - but then he rolls his eyes when no one is looking. He’s subtle, but the annoyance is there. He snarls at pictures of Santa and growls at radios that dare to play Christmas music. Granted, he has his reasons. With no family to speak of growing up, his past Christmases were no picnic, and his future was stolen from him when he lost Sha’re. And unlike Sam, who somehow mostly manages to live moment to moment, Daniel broods - a lot. He also really hates it when modern manifestations of ancient rituals get things “wrong,” so he’s grumpy this time of year.

Only one thing to do then, I guess.

I pick up the phone, think twice because I don’t want to run the risk of drunk dialing, then go ahead with a call anyway. Carter doesn’t answer, but my phone rings just a minute after I set it down. When I answer, I’m not even a bit surprised when she tells me that she didn’t make it to the phone on time to answer because of some technical something or other she had going on and I just wait for her to finish before I speak. It’s really the only way, you know. When she stops rambling, she finally asks what I needed.

Fifteen minutes later, we have a plan.

Teal’c is in on it ten minutes after that.

Oh, but this will be fun.

Next weekend, like it or not, Scrooge is getting visited by his ghosts.

Somehow, I think that will work just fine. Daniel usually only needs company to cheer up.

And if not, well, there’s always beer.


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 6th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you think I got it right. That matters to me, you know. ;)
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