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New Fic: Game Changer

Game Changer
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rated: PG
Category: Humor, Gen, Team Fic with Sam Focus.
Season: Post-Arc of Truth, Pre-S5 SGA. (Carter is a Colonel, Hammond is retired.)
Spoilers: None.
Summary: A surprise for Sam leads to another for someone else.
Word Count: 601
Disclaimer: Just playing in the gateroom. Don’t mind me.
Note: Written for the 2011 Ancient Obsessions December 2 Advent Prompt: Three Kings.


Sam wasn't expecting to see three cars in the drive, but despite the fact that it looked like he had company, she knocked on the door anyway. She only needed to drop off the book she'd borrowed last time he was in town, and that would only take a moment. She'd thought briefly about leaving it in the mailbox, but it looked like rain and it was a nice book, so she went ahead and rapped her knuckles on the wood loudly.
When the door opened, she got a bigger surprise than the cars.
"Sir?" she stammered.
A kindly smile met her question. "At ease, Colonel. I’m retired now, remember?" said General Hammond, grinning from ear to ear.
Sam opened and shut her mouth a few times before finally answering.
"Yes, sir," she managed, which only caused the General to smile even wider.
"Is that the food?" came a voice from behind Hammond.
"Not quite," he answered, opening the door wider as Jack O'Neill's head appeared over his shoulder.
Jack immediately stood up straighter when he saw Sam. "Oh. Carter. Hey. What'cha doing?"
Sam looked between the two men for a moment before answering.
"I just came to return this," she said, holding out the book.
Jack took it and quickly stuck it under one arm. "Oh, uh.. thanks."
Just then, another voice joined the conversation.
"You two going to stand out there all day or can we get back to business?"
Sam's eyes grew wide as she recognized the third voice.
"General Landry?" she asked, craning her head around the doorframe to get a look into Jack's living room. This had the effect of putting most of her body in the house. Hammond wisely stepped aside to allow this, still smiling.
Meanwhile, Jack got sarcastic, as usual.
"Well, come on in, why don't ya, Carter?" he said, but if she heard him, she ignored his remark. She had good reason for this, as Landry answered for himself.
"Sure is," he said. "Is that Samantha Carter I hear?"
"Yes, sir," Sam answered.
"Well, come on in," Landry called. "We'll make a game of this after all!"
Sam blinked and looked at Jack. She raised one eyebrow in a silent question.
Jack shrugged. "The more the merrier," he said.
Sam stepped fully into the house and saw that Landry was sitting at a folding card table that had been set up in the living room. A deck of playing cards was clearly visible in his hands.
Sam nodded to him. "What's the game?"
"Poker," he answered.
Jack sniggered very quietly behind Sam's back, but Landry was oblivious.
For her part, Sam merely blinked and said, "No, I mean, what's the game?"
Landry blinked back for a second before realizing what Sam meant. "Oh, Texas Hold 'Em," he stammered. "I think. We staying with that, George?"
Hammond nodded and reclaimed his seat. "Damn straight," he answered.
Jack took his seat as well, then motioned to the empty chair opposite him.

"What'd'ya say, Carter? You in?"
Landry was the only one who didn't notice the slight glint in Jack's eyes as he asked, and that really was a shame, because he was also the only one who'd never played cards with Sam before. And while the members of this rare impromptu generals' morale meeting only played for chips, there was still pride at stake, and Landry's was about to take a serious blow.
After all, he didn't know that as Sam accepted Jack's invitation, the rules of the game changed. No one had ever told him that in this game three kings couldn't beat one queen - at least not when that lady was Samantha Carter, destroyer of suns and card shark extraordinaire.
Tags: fanfic, stargate sg-1
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