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New Fic: Love in the Library

Love in the Library
Fandom: Star Trek TOS.
Rated: PG
Category: Crossover with ENT to the right fans. Angst. Gen. Spock POV.
Season: Post-ENT and Pre-TOS.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: A stranger helps young Spock find a lifelong friend.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: Why bicker about who owns what? Can’t we all just live long and prosper?
Note: In chronologic order, this one is for Dirk Pitt, Jimmy Buffett, and lemonpiefirefly. Also, no Enterprise character specifically appears in this fic. Yet it is a crossover for you Enterprise fans, because that stranger is no stranger. But you already knew that, didn’t you? *grin*


My father says I am a child of two worlds.

My mother calls me her miracle.

But I do not subscribe to either theory. For I am not a child of two worlds, but of none, and I am not a miracle, but an abomination. My peers remind me of this daily.

Perhaps she somehow knew this. Perhaps that is why she pointed out this particular book. It’s a human book I’ve never heard of, for though my mother has exposed me to some of her homeworld’s works, this is different than anything I’ve read before. Somehow, I doubt Mother would approve, and I know Father would not.

Of course, that only makes me want to read it more, and since I am not due home for several hours, I do just that. It’s a fast read, and before I know it, I am finished.

And though I know enough to hide my reaction in public, I have rarely been so enthralled. I check the book out and read it again that night under my covers, and my reaction is the same. In private, I allow my tears to flow as I remember again that “unique” is another word for “alone.” Eventually, though, I settle. I vow that my fate will be different, and I thank a stranger.

She was but a fellow patron at the library. I had no reason to trust her. But I am most gratified that I did.

For though I do not understand the human predilection with scaring themselves - though I am Vulcan enough to deny any logic in that action - I am human enough that years later I will carry my own copy of Frankenstein with me when I travel to its birthplace, and I will thank a stranger yet again when I do.


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