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New Fic: On the Practical Use of Clouds

On the Practical Use of Clouds
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rated: PG
Category: Friendship. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.
Spoilers: None per se. Occurs near the end of Prisoner of Azkaban.
Summary: Remus Lupin had always been fond of clouds.
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: Accio, Copyrights! Oh, darn. Wand backfired. Well, it was worth a shot.


Remus Lupin had always been fond of clouds.

Even as a boy, he’d liked them. Of course, his reasons for that went far beyond those of a typical child, who sought out dogs and dragons in the blue skies of sunny days.

For he liked them best in the dark of night, especially when they were grey - and numerous enough to obscure that white orb that taunted him so, even when it was but a tiny sliver of itself. To him, clouds like that didn't mean gloom and doom, but comfort.

Of course, those types of clouds had other uses, too. As he grew older, when the timing was just right, Remus used them more and more to hide that which he did not want seen, and earlier tonight, they provided the cover another man desperately needed.

Sirius Black and his fellow fugitive, Buckbeak the Hippogriff, used a large cloud to conceal their return to Hogwarts after everyone assumed they were long gone.

While they both knew the risks of returning to the scene of their “crimes,” they also knew that the Forbidden Forest would hide them from prying eyes, and that most would assume they weren’t crazy enough to return there, so it was safer than it seemed.

Besides, Sirius simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He had one final task to accomplish before disappearing. A task long neglected, but never forgotten.

Buckbeak, outcast that he was, understood it all too well.

And so it was that Remus Lupin awoke to canine company for the first time in many years, and though he made a show of anger at Sirius for his foolhardiness, deep down he was grateful for the clouds.

For despite everything, for just a moment, doom and gloom were far from the forest that day.


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